Halo Top ‘Pee Tape’ Trump Flavor: Trump’s Not Suing Protein Ice Cream Maker, Because It’s A Hoax

Halo Top 'Pee Tape' Trump Flavor: Trump's Not Suing Protein Ice Cream Maker, Because It's A Hoax

According to Google Trends, the search term “Halo Top Pee Tape” has surged 550 percent. As seen in the below Twitter tweet from the verified account of Steve Marmel, there is a screenshot that looks like it was taken from CNN. The lower thirds wording on the alleged CNN screenshot reads, “Trump White House – Trump: Recall ‘Pee Tape’ Ice Cream or I’ll Sue,” and it is accompanied by a Halo Top ice cream carton with a gold figure that has a swoop of hair just like President Donald Trump’s hair. The words “pee tape” in gold accompany the gold and yellow hues of the Halo Top ice cream. The protein ice cream canister shows “240 calories per pint,” just like real Halo Top ice cream – but the problem here is that this is one Halo Top ice cream story that’s fake.

As noticed by Dan Danziger on Facebook, he was all prepared to use his free coupon for a carton of Halo Top ice cream to get the “pee tape” flavor, but he could not find that Halo Top flavor. That’s when Dan learned he couldn’t get “pee tape” because Halo Top doesn’t sell such a horrid flavor. Danziger noticed that someone used Photoshop to change the No. 11 Lemon Cake flavor into a Halo Top “pee tape” flavor, and make it appear as if Trump’s head was on the protein ice cream. The whole Photoshop process of the Halo Top ice cream makes sense, because even Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream likely wouldn’t go out of their way to create a gross “pee tape” flavor for a joke against President Trump.

Alas, some people on social media are falling for the hoax, and really believe there is a flavor of Halo Top called “pee tape” that’s making the rounds. Unappetizing and untrue, the Halo Top hoax likely came about since the ice cream maker recently introduced new flavors – but none of them included a “pee tape” flavor.

It’s not clear who went out of their way to Photoshop President Trump’s style of hair on a Halo Top ice cream carton and include the “pee tape” words on the carton, but the CNN fake screenshot is going viral, along with the fake story claiming Trump will sue Halo Top unless they recall the flavor.

[Featured Image by Jeff Gross/Getty Images]