Suri Cruise’s $24k Gift? A Playhouse With Its Own Garage

Suri Cruise is getting a house for Christmas. Ok, it’s a small house but Cruise’s $24k gift is nothing to laugh it.

According to the Daily Mail, Tom Cruise’s daughter will be a spoiled little girl on Christmas morning thanks to Katie Holmes extravagant gift. Holmes is reportedly buying Suri a $24,000 playhouse.

How could a playhouse cost $24,000? Well, The Sun reports that Cruise’s new digs will have a media room, an eat-in-kitchen, an intercom system, a sunroom, and a garage for toy storage. Holmes is also getting Suri a Mercedes (the kid toy version) so Suri’s garage may also be used to store her new ride.

The Grand Victorian Luxury Playhouse was created by a “professional interior designer and expert builder” and will have running water, electricity and heat. So yes, it’s called a playhouse but let’s be honest. Suri Cruise’s $24k gift is a house.

Zap2It reports that the luxury playhouse isn’t the only thing that Suri will open on Christmas morning. Suri is also getting a new iPad, a Ralph Lauren Dress and a Chloe fur coat. All in all, Holmes has reportedly spent more than $45,000 on her daughter for Christmas this year.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise recently went through a very public, and very quick, divorce. There’s no word yet on what Tom is getting her daughter but if he wants to compete with Holmes for the most ridiculous present of the year award there is a $76,000 brick playhouse on the market.