Katie Couric Pulls An Oprah, Surprises Audience With Holiday Presents [Video]

Look under your chairs! Katie Couric is giving away Google Chromebooks, Amazon Kindles and $500 gift cards!

For her holiday-themed show, Couric gave her studio audience top-shelf gifts for her holiday giveaway. The audience was populated by a special group of people for the taping: Women from communities hit the hardest by Hurricane Sandy.

They were told that they were in the audience to get advice on starting over in the New Year, but were treated to a gift giveaway instead.

Katie’s Surprise Holiday Giveaway Show is all about the things we love to give and the things we love to get,” reads a statement on Katie Couric’s website. “So let the giving begin! The very festive and very fashionable Carson Kressley revealed the first set of amazing gifts.”

“Surprise!” Couric exclaimed. “Today is all about the things we like to give and the things we love to get, and it’s all for you.” Google Chromebooks, Amazon Kindles and $500 gift cards were among the high-priced gifts given to audience members on the special holiday show.

For a complete list of the gifts Katie Couric gave away, you check out this post on her website.

Just like Oprah’s various eccentric giveaways, the audience was floored, excited, teary-eyed, and overjoyed all at the same time.

Still, we’re left to wonder: Is it now a requirement for daytime talk show hosts to shower their audiences with unexpected gifts?

Oh well. Good for Katie Couric. At least it wasn’t bees. No one wants bees.