‘General’ Hospital Spoilers: Bradford Anderson Back To ‘GH’ Since Bestie Burton Is Back?

General Hospital spoilers hint that when Steve Burton’s Stone Cold is back in Port Charles, he might have another of his besties on the scene. A soap source on Twitter who’s a set insider, but prefers to remain anonymous, revealed that there’s a chance Bradford Anderson might come back to GH on contract status as Damian Spinelli, which would be a thrill for many fans.

Spinelli back for Maxie, will he stick around for Jason?

On August 17, executive producer Frank Valentini shared a General Hospital spoilers tidbit when he tweeted “Spinelli alert!” and tagged Bradford Anderson. It seems that Spinelli is back to do some of his Jackal hacking to help Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) unmask Ask Man Landers. Of course, neither knows that the answer to the mystery is right under their noses. He’ll have more scenes soon.

Since Kirsten Storms took time off to get treatment for severe depression, her onscreen hubby Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) needed a storyline, and that’s when they came up with the idea for the lonely detective to play advice columnist thanks to Amy Driscoll (Risa Dorken). Whether this storyline dies with Maxie’s return isn’t known yet, but Maximista and The Jackal discover the truth soon.


General Hospital rumor has it, Bradford might stay

The GH insider in question often shares tidbits from the set including the big one that Burton is definitely coming back as Jason Morgan. That seems pretty obvious to most fans and Billy Miller’s Jason is heading into surgery next week to help the reveal. Some medical information will crop up that throws shade on the idea that the former Jake Doe is really Jason.

With Burton back on set already and slated for a projected September 18 debut on the ABC soap, the GH source hinted that Bradford Anderson might also return full time. She said that Bradford was offered a contract by General Hospital, but he turned it down. If her info is correct, it sounds like the door is open for Anderson to come back to GH whenever he wants.


Will Jackal and Stone Cold ride again?

Other General Hospital spoilers from Frank Valentini revealed that Burton’s initial storyline would unfold over nine months but told TV Line that almost everyone in Port Charles would “be affected” by his return. GH writer Shelly Altman revealed that when Burton comes back next month, everyone in town will acknowledge that he looks just like the old Stone Cold Morgan.

There are obviously some big GH spoilers twists coming as the show unravels Miller’s Morgan and reverts him back to mystery man Jake Doe while re-establishing Burton as the “real” Jason Morgan, assuming that’s the writers’ plan (which seems very likely). Upon Burton’s return, his character doesn’t need Spinelli right away, but it might not be too long before the Jackal is back for good.


Spinelli involved in unraveling Jason’s identity?

You’ll recall that it was Spinelli that helped confirm Jake Doe was Jason Morgan with his facial reconstruction program that took Jake Doe’s bone structure and reassembled it to make up for the injuries from the hit and run. That popped up a face that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) recognized and she stole a water bottle from Jake Doe to get a DNA test that matched Stone Cold’s prison record.

Now, all that must be undone and since Spinelli helped confirm Jake Doe was Jason, it seems logical he’d help figure out why Miller’s Jason isn’t the real Stone Cold, who Burton’s character is, and what happened with these two Jasons. That could be done with a guest arc, but since Anderson and Burton are such good friends, it could lead to Bradford coming back for good.


Burton and Anderson are besties in real life

General Hospital history tells us that Spinelli and Stone Cold are besties in Port Charles, but Burton and Anderson are also very close in real life. The duo is in a band together, called Port Chuck, along with former GHers Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny Zacchara) and Scott Reeves (ex-Steven Webber). With his good friend Burton back on contract, it makes sense that Anderson might also ink a deal.

The GH character canvas is rapidly changing these days. We just saw the last of Hayden Barnes after Rebecca Budig’s contract was abruptly cut short. We’ll also soon see the last of Dillon Quartermaine as Robert Palmer Watkins was fired recently. Ashley Jones is back as Parker Forsyth, but a plot twist might see her leaving soon too. With these fan favorites leaving, it would be nice to have some good news and find out Bradford Anderson will be back for good as Damian Spinelli.

What do you think? Would you like to have The Jackal back full time if Bradford Anderson accepts a contract offer from GH? Does Stone Cold need is BFF Spinelli to survive his return to Port Charles? Check back soon for more General Hospital spoilers and news.

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