‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 106 Spoilers: Tien’s Showdown To Defeat The Invisible Warrior Of Universe 4

With Master Roshi’s despairing sacrifice to defeat his opponents during Dragon Ball Super episode 105, his fellow Universe 7 warriors move on to the next targets for saving their world. And it seems like the next to be tested among the heroic fighters is Tien Shinhan. Moreover, the opponent he is about to face in Dragon Ball Super episode 106 is not an easy target as apparently the opponent is invisible.

Warning DBS episode 106 spoilers ahead! Read further if you are willing to learn what is coming up next in the current season.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 106: Gohan And Piccolo Join To Face Dr. Rota

Annihilation of Universe 9 and Universe 10 did leave most of the warriors in a bloodcurdling experience, but the fights resumed among the warriors with a desire to save their world. The Warriors continued with their fights while Master Roshi was transferred to safety by Goku. Eventually, Gohan and Piccolo team up to face a warthog-like warrior from Universe 6, Dr. Rota.

While it appears that the Dragon Ball Super episode 106 focused on their fight, suddenly a mysterious ki blast knocks off Dr. Rota leaving our heroes befuddled. Within a few seconds, they realize that an invisible fighter is targeting them and it seems to be hard to locate where it is.

Tien Shinhan’s showdown: The Tenshin-style Warrior Makes His Move

As Gohan and Piccolo find it hard to sense the anonymous warrior, Tien uses his Tenshin-style martial arts to sense his presence at the tournament grounds. It seems like the invisible fighter will have trouble facing Tien as he is the only one among the Universe 7 warriors who can locate its movements.


Who Is The Invisible Warrior?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 106 spoilers also note of the identity of the anonymous fighter that tries to take down its opponents stealthily. Apparently, DBS Episode 96 hinted at its presence when other Universe 7 fighters were confused to see that there were only eight warriors among team Universe 4. However, it was Tien who was able to sense the presence of two invisible opponents among Universe 4 team members.


According to Dragon Ball Wikia, the invisible warriors are cicada-like warriors known by the names Gamisaras and Damom. The two insect like opponents had not shown their presence at the World of Void’s “Tournament of Power” since the starting. But, now it seems like Tien is the one who may have to stop them.

Stay tuned for Dragon Ball Super episode 106 “Find Him! Death Match with an Invisible Attacker!!” that will be aired on Sunday, September 3, 2017, at 9 a.m. JST on Funimation, Fuji TV, and Crunchyroll.

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