‘The 100’ Season 5 Spoilers: Richard Harmon Discusses Murphy And His Hopes For The Character

The 100 Season 5 will feature several characters up in space who are supposed to return to Earth five years after Praimfaya. One of those is Murphy. What can fans expect from the character? Richard Harmon discussed his role on the series. He also talked about what he would like to see happen with Murphy.

Possible spoilers might be ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to find out what could happen on the post-apocalyptic series.

In a video posted to YouTube, a Comic-Con interview with Richard Harmon revealed his hopes for Murphy in The 100 Season 5. The actor had quite a bit to say about his character. Harmon mentioned that Murphy excels at thriving under pressure. However, up in space, there really is no pressure. He isn’t fighting for his life every single day. There are no vicious enemies in the rocket, it is just day-to-day normal living. As normal as life can be in space, anyway. While some may view that as a relief, Murphy could deal with it in different ways, both good and bad.

As for what Richard Harmon would like to see happen with Murphy in The 100 Season 5, he had a particular hope. He wants Murphy to stop sabotaging himself. The actor would like to see his character learn from his mistakes and progress as a person.

Regarding if there is a specific character he would like Murphy to have more scenes with, he did name one person in particular. That individual is Raven Reyes, played by Lindsey Morgan. Harmon believes Murphy and Raven have on-screen chemistry. He is especially curious about how six years in space changes them. It is something fans would like to see, as well.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, The 100 Season 5 spoilers tease that there is a reason the rocket hasn’t come back down to Earth. Even though the planet is still mostly a wasteland, the air is breathable after five years. However, for some reason, six years have passed and Clarke Griffing (Eliza Taylor) still hasn’t reunited with her friends. Don’t worry, showrunner Jason Rothenberg revealed that the rocket will come back down to ground early in the upcoming season.

What do you think of what Richard Harmon said about Murphy in The 100? Season 5 premieres in 2018 on The CW network.

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