Sable The Crosswalk Cat Watches Over Middle School Students

A cat named Sable is soaking up praise for its job performance — as a middle school crosswalk attendant. The 15-year-old feline spends each day watching over the students as they make their way to and from school.

An article by ABC News writes that Sable has become an honorary crossing guard at Enterprise Middle School in West Richland, Washington. The furry feline even has his own safety reflector vest identical to the bright orange ones worn by his human counterparts. Always the dependable employee, the black fuzzball hasn’t missed a single day of greeting students in an entire year.

Monti Franckowiak, a safety patrol officer for the middle school, told ABC News:

“The cat just showed up one day. It lives on the house on the corner right where we do crossing guard and it doesn’t miss a day. This cat has some biological clock built in or something. It just totally amazes me that this cat knows when to be there. The cat was there this morning. He’s just part of the crew.”

The crosswalk kitty and its owner Tammy Morrison live in a house across the street from Enterprise Middle. Morrison says that Sable has developed quite the routine:

“He usually ventures out about five minutes or more before the students show up. He sits at his post and it’s just amazing. He’s very, very, very old, but he’s really taken on to what our family refers to as ‘his job.’ It’s always, ‘Oh my goodness, there he goes.’ He just sits there to wait for the safety patrol team to come out.”

KAPP News writes that Sable has become a dependable sight for both students and faculty. Courtney Budge, a student safety patrol officer for the school, remarked on the cat’s reliability:

“It will walk out and come stand in, like, its position.”

Watch the adorable kitty hard at work in the video below:

What do you think about Sable the crosswalk cat?