Barron And Donald Trump Father-And-Son Portrait Could Be First Of Its Kind In White House

Barron and Donald Trump just might be on their way to becoming the answer to a White House trivia question. According to a new report, a portrait of the 45th president of the United States and his youngest son is believed to be the first ever father-and-child portrait to get framed in the White House, potentially giving the 11-year-old Barron something not even his adult siblings could take away from him.

According to TMZ, the Barron and Donald Trump portrait was painted by artist Barry Wingard, who also painted separate solo portraits of Trump and his wife, Melania. The intent was for Wingard to give the two solo portraits to the first family, but before that, he had first gone to see his congressman, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pennsylvania), who was impressed with the artwork and agreed to have the paintings sent to the White House.

Although the original plan was to merely send the Donald and Melania Trump paintings to the White House, Kelly and one of the president’s staffers reportedly saw a third portrait — the one featuring Trump hugging his young son Barron at the 2016 Republican National Convention. They would then convince Wingard to frame the third painting so that Kelly could send all three portraits to the first family.


The TMZ report added that it still isn’t sure where the three paintings will be hanging, but the publication’s sources noted that Kelly’s office will deliver them to the White House, upon which the decision of where to place the portraits will be made by Trump himself. As there doesn’t seem to be any record of any other paintings of “first kids” and their presidential fathers framed in the White House, TMZ called the Barron and Donald Trump portrait a likely “first kid’s first.”

This new report comes soon after Barron Trump got into a bit of controversy for seemingly favoring casual clothing in photos taken together with his parents. As the Inquisitr wrote earlier in the week, Barron was criticized for wearing a red “On Your Mark, Tiger Shark” t-shirt while posing with Donald and Melania Trump. And with Barron seemingly having a penchant for dressing in t-shirts, shorts, and sneakers, the Daily Caller took the young boy to task, saying that he needs to “dress like he’s in the White House” whenever he needs to join his parents on vacation.

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What are your thoughts on Barry Wingard’s Barron and Donald Trump painting? Do you agree or disagree that it belongs in the White House? Feel free to let yourself be heard in the comments below.

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