Floyd Mayweather Defeats Conor McGregor By TKO

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Floyd Mayweather defeats Conor McGregor in Saturday’s bout by TKO in the 10th round. The fight was highly competitive throughout with Mayweather winning a majority of the rounds, despite the judges giving McGregor the first three. From the fourth round on, Floyd dominated the fight and was the winner of “The Money Belt” six rounds later.

The win gave Mayweather a perfect record of 50-0, which is a record that he now owns after sharing it with Rocky Marciano for the last two years. After the fight, McGregor came over to Floyd and the two hugged and chatted for a brief moment before Mayweather was announced the winner.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. vowed that Conor would get tired by the fourth round and that would ultimately be the reason his son would end up winning the fight. His intuition came true as McGregor appeared to be out of breath several times after exchanging blows during the rounds.

Once “Money May” noticed, he continuously went after him like he said he would prior to the bout. The knockout from Floyd was his 27th of his career. The victory makes him 10-0 against southpaws and he has a total of five knockouts in those contests. It was Mayweather’s first K.O. since his win over Victor Ortiz in 2011.


Now, he can retire for good with a record that will probably never be duplicated by another fighter for a very long time. His $250 million dollar payout will probably be the highest that any fighter will ever receive for a single bout. He leaves the sport as arguably the greatest boxer of all-time.

Although McGregor took a loss in his first professional boxing match, he was not the disappointment that many people believed he would be going into the fight. He landed some good shots throughout, but in the end, he struggled to maintain the proper stamina against a guy that is fine with going the entire 12 rounds.

Floyd Mayweather lands a hit on Conor McGregor during the seventh round of the match.
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Still, he walks away with the biggest payday he’ll probably ever see in his career despite losing a fight he promised his fans he would win for the last two months. Unfortunately for Conor, all the things that Floyd said he would do actually came true. After the fight, Floyd spoke positively about McGregor and his performance.

“He’s a lot better than I thought he was.”

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