‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Eli’s Plans To Save Abe And More Theories On Anjelica’s Secret Partner

Days of Our Lives spoilers for next week are all about schemes. Eli wants to save Abe (James Reynolds) and he has the perfect plot to prove the man is innocent. Meanwhile, Anjelica’s dead body is going to cause complications, but there’s also the question of who helped her make everything happen.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Eli (Ramon Archey) is going to focus on a plot to clear Abe’s name, which involves finding a way to bring down Commissioner Raines (Aaron D. Spears). They want the corrupt official to feel everything is going his way and no one is suspecting him of anything. Pretending they are not suspecting Abe’s arrest is going to be a huge challenge for Eli.

Rafe (Galen Gering) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) are going to pay Abe a visit and ask him what they can do to help him. Days of Our Lives spoilers hint Abe is going to issue some instructions. The two are going to look for Myron (Craig Welzbacher) to get some answers. Spoilers also reveal they are going to get some useful information –Raines was working with Dario (Jordi Vilasuso). However, they need to find solid proof of this partnership. They will learn Dario is planning to send them the proof they need with high hopes that it is enough to serve as evidence of the commissioner’s guilt.


Unfortunately, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease the plan to wait it out until the commissioner commits a mistake might fail since Lani and JJ will also find a way to prove Abe’s innocence. Lani feels strongly about her father’s freedom, and JJ won’t be dissuaded from the cause either. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Eli will make last minute changes to keep the two in the dark about what they are planning. Eli needs to be sneaky with his plans if he is going to pull it off.

Anjelica Deveraux has been a force to reckon with, and she was behind the disappearance of Adrienne Kiriakis and Marlena Evans who have been replaced by Bonnie Lockhart and Hattie Adams. Anjelica wanted to win Justin, but the bigger question is if she was working with someone.


One theory is that Anjelica was scheming with Kristen DiMera. Kristen was obsessed with Brady Black, and this could be her ulterior motive for teaming up with Anjelica. As of yet, everything is just a theory, but as hinted by Days of Our Lives spoilers for next week, it’s going to be quite eventful in Salem.


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