Malia Obama Harassed At Harvard, Video Shows Her Firing Back At Woman Who Stalked Her For Photo

Malia Obama is reportedly facing her share of hurdles blending in at Harvard. New footage shows the former first daughter reacting to a woman who stalked her in order to get a photo.

Just finishing her gap year, Malia Obama moved onto the Harvard campus last week. Her parents, former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, were there to help their daughter get everything moved into the freshman dorm. Cameras were on-site snapping photos of the 19-year-old getting settled in before joining a group of other students to relax.

TMZ reports that Malia was particularly annoyed by a woman who was determined to get her photo. The eldest Obama daughter was in Harvard Square with a friend on their way to a salad shop when a woman approached her and asked if she could take a photo of her for her grandchild, eyewitnesses say. Malia politely declined, but it didn't stop the woman from trying anyway. Apparently, the woman stalked Malia at the salad shop and waited for her to exit the building. Once Malia emerged out the door, she spotted the woman pointing the camera straight at her and let her know what she thought of the intrusion.

"Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?" Malia Obama said to the woman.

A witness claims the woman ended up getting the photo.

The video seen below is grainy, but appears to be one TMZ obtained from someone who was there when the incident happened.
Malia Obama is famous, but not by choice. First kids are the unfortunate targets of media attention not only while they're living at the White House when one of their parents is president of the United States, but also after they leave Washington, D.C. The Obama daughters are popular young women and many are intrigued with their every move. It's not so easy for Malia and Sasha, however. They tend to tolerate the attention, but don't seek out the public spotlight.
Until now, Malia isn't usually heard speaking on camera. The Boston Globe asked her for an interview when she was moving into her dorm, but she declined by saying, "I can't." For now, don't expect Malia Obama to say much as she sets her sights on her studies. It's speculated that she'll be studying something in the field of entertainment and film.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]