Jill Duggar, Derick Dillard Outrage Instagram Fans By Asking For $6,500 To Work From Home

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are outraging their fans with a request for more money. When they called off their missionary work in Central America, the fans thought that they would no longer need to donate to their cause, but it looks like that is no longer true. This time, Jill’s husband is requesting $6,500 from his followers so that he can work from his “home church” for a year.

The 25-year-old Duggar took to Instagram Saturday evening to announce the next steps in their ministry. This revealed to be a link to a donation website, which showed that Derick is asking for $6,500 so that he can take up “this incredible opportunity for further ministry development.”

The page is not clear about how the money will be spent and what the funds will go towards. The 28-year-old missionary says that he needs the money to execute “various missions opportunities I will have throughout the year,” but does not go into specifics about what those opportunities are.

Counting On fans’ comments in Jill Duggar’s post also expresses the confusion about the usage of donations.

“Do the donations go to help others or to live off of?” a fan asked.

Check out the post Jill made on her Instagram.

BIG NEWS about our next step in ministry! *Visit the link in my bio!*

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Some of the fans had a much more cynical reaction to their request.

“Derick doing everything to avoid getting a real job,” a follower commented underneath the post.

Other fans started to assume that “money [is] running dry in the Dillard family” despite the fact that they star in a reality TV show and have stopped spending money on their Central American missions.

In fact, some started to warn the others about actually giving to the Dillards, saying that Derick has set up this site to avoid “getting a job” and only has his mind on “fill[ing] his own pockets.”

Before Jill and Derick made this call to their followers, the fans assumed that the position that they had taken up at Cross Church was a paying gig. But this post reveals that they were working pro-Bono and that the organization was either unwilling to pay or did not have the funds to bring in more staff.

Derick made a case to his supporters that this is a short-term endeavor and that it would only be for “a one-year, ministry, residency experience.” He did not specify what he would be doing after the year is over.

One fan had a good thought about using the income they have from appearing in Counting On.

“Use your money from the show,” a fan instructed. “Rumor is you didn’t use money you have had donated to you before for your missionary work like you had said you would.”

[Featured Image by Jill Dillard/Instagram]