Jinger Duggar Shuns Pants, Wears Tight Top In Latest Pic, Will 'Counting On' Star Cut Her Hair Next?

Simon Alvarez

Counting On fans might be worried about Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo's well-being during the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey, but based on the social media activity of the couple, it appears that all is well. In Jinger and Jeremy's latest Instagram updates, the reality TV couple showed off some pictures from Grace Church, and they are really adorable.

Jinger and Jeremy have arguably become the most popular couple in Counting On, with many fans taking a liking to the pair due to their liberal stance on things such as the Duggar daughter's freedom to explore her passions while expanding her wardrobe. The young couple seems to be extremely happy as well, and this could be seen in Jinger and Jeremy's latest pictures, where they are shown beaming at the camera as they took photos with prominent personalities from Grace Church.

Interestingly, Jinger and Jeremy color-matched their outfits, with both sporting striped patterns in their white and dark blue clothing. This has been noticed by many of the couple's social media followers, and needless to say, the reaction has been entirely positive.

"U look wonderful together. Love the matching stripes and colors," wrote one commenter.

"Love the matching stripes! Stay safe you both," another commenter wrote.

While Jinger's entire outfit was not revealed in the couple's latest pictures, the Duggar daughter's attire seems to suggest that the Counting On star did not wear pants to the church occasion. If any, Jinger's top does not really go that well with trousers unless she was going for a fully casual look. Considering that the Grace Church event was quite formal, however, it seems safe to assume that the pants-wearing Duggar daughter went back to her wardrobe's roots for the event.

Considering Jinger's transformation since her marriage, many of the Duggar daughter's social media followers are speculating that the Counting On star is just getting started in her journey towards self-expression and freedom. Some of Jeremy Vuolo's Instagram followers even remarked that Jinger appears to be changing so much, she might end up drastically changing her look in the near future.

"I'm loving how she is her own person. Jeans, sleeveless tops, shorts... Now if she cuts her hair, we will know she's changed," wrote one commenter.

What do you think about Jinger's ensemble in her latest Instagram photos? Do her clothes invoke too much of her old Duggar clothing or are they just fashionable enough? Do you think Jinger will cut her hair in the near future? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Instagram]