‘BB19’ Spoilers: Power Of Veto Players Picked And The Tree Of Temptation Still Has Only One Apple Taken

Big Brother 19 fans know that the game is currently being run by BB18 veteran, Paul Abrahamian. Each week fans watch to see if the new Head of Household will make a bold move or stick to the safety of Team Paul when they execute an eviction plan.

The following will have BB19 spoilers. If you do not want to know what may make the editorial cut, now is the time to stop reading.

When BB19 named a new HOH, it was Jason Dent that won the battle. He made a good move by nominating both Raven Walton and Matt Cline for eviction. The two are a showmance and though not strong competitors, they are two votes. Of course, Paul Abrahamian was in Jason’s ear and had wanted him to nominate Maven, but this was still a great move for Jason’s game, as he is in a duo with Alex Ow. To keep Maven calm, Team Paul told them that Kevin Schlehuber was the real target in a backdoor plan. In reality, the group would be fine with either Matt or Keven leaving.

As the Big Brother house prepares for the eighth Power of Veto of the season, Jason, Raven, and Matt are automatically playing. When the random draw was over, the BB19 houseguests joining them for the competition are Paul, Josh Martinez, and Kevin.

Lately, Kevin has felt that things aren’t quite right for him in the BB19 house. He has felt isolated at times and like a target is on him other times. After being the first one out of the HOH competition, Paul had grilled him on the live feeds on why he wasn’t able to hang in longer. Joker’s Updates had reported that he told Paul he would explain it when the cameras weren’t on him.



The Power of Veto competition will be held today. As BB19 live feed viewers watch kitties and doggies, the players will battle for the veto. Kevin is overdue for a win and needs this one more than he knows. He has some tough competition, however.

When the Temptation Tree came into play, no one took the chance. Paul had said it wasn’t worth the risk with the types of punishments the tree held. All of the BB19 houseguests must have agreed, as they let the time expire and no one entered the Diary Room to tell production they wanted to pick an apple.

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[Featured Image by Bill Inoshita/CBS]