Kurt Angle On When He Will Make WWE Return And Who He Will Wrestle

When Kurt Angle made his big WWE return, it was a chance for the WWE to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame, a long overdue honor for the Olympic gold medal winner and former WWE world champion. That was just the start because the company then signed Angle to officially return to the company – as the general manager of Monday Night Raw.

When Will Kurt Angle Wrestle In The WWE Again?

However, ever since the WWE signed Kurt Angle to return, the former world champion made it clear that he was not ready to quit wrestling and wanted to end his in-ring career in the WWE. It turns out that Angle is still planning on returning and it might be coming very soon.

As with most returning legends to the WWE (Sting, Ultimate Warrior, Goldberg), Kurt Angle found his way onto the newest WWE 2K video game. While at a recent WWE 2K18 launch party, YouTube personality Myles spoke to Kurt about a number of things and then asked about a possible in-ring WWE return.

Kurt Angle said that Myles could ask Vince McMahon about that since that is who holds the ultimate decision making power concerning an Angle return to the ring. However, after that, Kurt gave an interesting answer, saying he is “guessing end of this year, early next year.”

Of course, Kurt Angle also prefaced this by saying that it is all “ultimately” up to Mr. McMahon, and he will have to decide on whether or not Kurt even makes his WWE in-ring return. This news eliminates the rumors that Triple H will make the call. Angle will also have to pass a WWE medical test to wrestle again.

Who does Kurt Angle want to wrestle in WWE?

There are some big matches that many WWE fans have never seen despite Kurt Angle competing against some of the top wrestlers in the company today. Some of the best matches of Kurt’s career came in TNA Impact Wrestling against Samoa Joe. That is why it should come as no surprise that Joe was on Angle’s list.

Kurt Angle On When He Will Make WWE Return And Who He Will Wrestle (Video)
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He also mentioned guys he did wrestle before in the WWE such as Triple H, Brock Lesnar, and John Cena. WWE fans surely remember that Cena competed in his first ever match on the main roster against Angle. Lesnar almost broke his neck in a WrestleMania match with Kurt. Triple H is who most people believe that Angle will wrestle at WrestleMania next year.

However, one of the biggest names that Kurt Angle is rumored to battle if he makes his WWE return is Seth Rollins, the man who he shares the WWE 2K18 promotional spots alongside. Rollins was also on Kurt’s list.

Kurt Angle On When He Will Make WWE Return And Who He Will Wrestle (Video)
[Image by WWE]

Other names that Kurt Angle listed as possible WWE return opponents include Braun Strowman, Rusev, and AJ Styles – who Angle also wrestled back in TNA.

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