Is Miley Cyrus VMA Gig Set To Feature Puppet ‘Sniffing’ Where It Doesn’t Belong?

Miley Cyrus is scheduled to perform at the VMAs on Sunday night, and as her fans know, this young woman, who is full of surprises, is liable to show up wearing something bizarre and doing something out of the realm of reality. Or at least that’s the consensus coming from reports today.

While no one knows what she is planning, the element of surprise is something that has worked well for Miley in the past, like her VMA twerking sensation that put her in the headlines across the nation a few years back, suggests W Magazine. Some recent discussion on what that might look like may have some people on the cusp of dropping their jaws even before the awards show airs, as the idea is called “raunchy,” by W.

The woman who directed her new music video, “Younger Now,” and who calls herself Miley’s “creative director” was overheard talking at lunch. Diane Martel said that Miley is not only slated to sing at the VMAs, but she has a short one to two minute time period on stage before her performance where she needs to talk or do something entertaining.

It seems that this little piece of time has Martel and Miley’s manager, Adam Leber, at odds. From the sounds of what Martel was quoted as saying by Page Six, she was peeved at Leber, calling him an “a**hole” at one point. She was telling her lunch partners that Miley’s team can’t make up their minds on what they want her to do.

Martel’s ideas, which were overheard at this lunch, are rather on the “raunchy” side, suggests W Magazine. She said she envisions Miley doing a skit with puppets at the VMAs. Maybe a puppet orgy, she suggested. Then she said that one of the puppets can “sniff” Miley’s undercarriage with Miley having a comeback to that puppet like, “keeping it clean down there.”


Fans know Miley likes to surprise them, but this is a show that is in a prime time slot. While the VMAs have been known for some zingers in the past, a puppet sniffing below the belt just isn’t entertainment that is going to sit well with some of the audience at home.

Miley will perform her new single “Younger Now.” There are puppets in the music video for that single that was recently released. The entire video can be seen at the end of this article from YouTube. Now that MTV has given Miley a full minute to entertain before breaking into song, Martel wants to see the gig tie in with the video. This is where her thoughts of a “raunchy” puppet show come in.


W Magazine reminds their readers of Miley’s past VMA performances that are rather memorable, which includes that “whole tweaking affair” with Robin Thicke back in 2013. Then in 2015, she flooded the stage with a drag queen gathering and while the song is hard to recall, the masses of drag queens tend to stick with you, suggests W Magazine.


While nothing was sealed in concrete during this overheard conversation, which Page Six conveys was loud enough that people in their vicinity could hear. Martel also said that she doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Miley’s manager over what the “Wrecking Ball” singer should talk about during her one to two minutes on stage.

According to what Martel was quoted as saying during lunch, Leber would like to see Miley make headlines by talking about Trump during that minute or two. Does this manager realize that a puppet sniffing Miley in a place it doesn’t belong will most likely put her in the headlines?As W Magazine suggests, probably more so than anything she could say about Trump?

The Miley Cyrus “Younger Now” music video already has close to 16 million views. The full video appears below.

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