‘Alaskan Bush People’: Noah Confirms He’s Leaving The Show? Says Colorado Is Not For Him

Noah Brown might have confirmed he is leaving Alaskan Bush People. Billy reveals to the family that Noah is taking his own path, and that’s not with them in Colorado.

In the latest clip from the Discovery Channel, Noah, with the help of his father, Billy, broke the news to everyone his plans not to join the rest of the Browns in building a new Browntown in Colorado. “Noah might have found a different path,” Billy began. “Like what?” Ami asked. Noah, 25, then explained that he does not think Colorado is the place for him.

When asked what he plans to do, Noah shared that he wants to settle in a small town and become a sheriff. The Alaskan Bush People family seems to be in support of Noah’s decision, especially his parents. In an interview with People, Billy said that they’ve always told their children that they don’t have to follow their lives.

Billy told Noah that he’s doing the right thing, reminding him of what he and Ami have always taught them. He added that he is proud of Noah, and he should not feel bad about following his own path. Browntown is where the Browns are, it is not a place, said Billy.

Ami told Noah, “I say follow your heart and live your dream.”


There were previous reports saying that Noah is not staying with his family, which fueled speculations that he is leaving Alaskan Bush People. He earned some criticisms as fans believe he should be spending time with his mom Ami who is fighting late-stage lung cancer. There were also rumors that he and Rhain Alisha already got married in June.

Another Brown family member who reportedly wants to be out of the show is Gabe. He reportedly is taking Ami’s illness hard and does not want to be in the camera. He was rarely seen in the last episodes of Alaskan Bush People. The closest confirmation to this is his post on Instagram in which he thanked the network and the producers for sharing their adventures with the world.

Ami Brown, who has been diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer, is still receiving radiation and chemotherapy treatment at UCLA Medical Center. In her only interview since the diagnosis earlier this year, Ami admitted to People that these could be her last days. Billy, who barely leaves her side, revealed that the doctors said she only has less than 3 percent chance of surviving. Still, Ami is not giving up hope, saying that she has the will to fight.


Alaskan Bush People concluded its Season 7 last Wednesday. They are reportedly going to film a new season, although it is yet to be confirmed.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]