‘Little People, Big World:’ Audrey And Jeremy Roloff Might End Up Welcoming Baby Girl On Their Own

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff is about to give birth. She’s due in a few days, and she recently stated on her Instagram Story that she is already feeling sick, which could be a sign that the reality TV star is just about to burst. There is just one problem, though: the rest of the Roloff family are away.

Amy Roloff just left for a long, cross-country road trip with her boyfriend, Chris Marek; Matt Roloff has seemingly left for a business trip; and Tori, Zach, and Jackson Roloff are away visiting Walt Disney Studios and Tori’s side of the family. With Auj seemingly about to give birth at any moment, it seems like Little People, Big World fans should start preparing themselves for the idea that Jeremy and Audrey might end up welcoming Baby Girl Roloff by themselves.

Audrey’s pregnancy has been long, beautiful, and riddled with controversy at the same time. Over the past few months, the reality TV star’s fans have gushed at how perfect Audrey looks during pregnancy, and how loved she is by her husband, Jeremy Roloff. Critics, however, took issue with Audrey’s social media activities, calling her out on her multiple pregnancy pics and her tendency to post photos of herself when she attends other people’s special events.

During Molly Roloff’s recent wedding alone, Audrey came under fire for holding out on posting pictures of the secretive event. When Auj finally posted pictures of the wedding, many LPBW fans took issue with the fact that her update was filled with her and Jeremy’s pictures, not of the bride and groom.

Now that Audrey Roloff is due to give birth anytime soon, many LPBW fans are beginning to find it strange that her in-laws have all decided to leave Roloff Farms. When Amy Roloff updated her social media followers about her cross-country motorcycle road trip with her boyfriend, some of her fans immediately called her out for leaving Audrey and Jeremy at such a crucial moment.

“Isn’t your granddaughter going to be born like any minute? Hmm. I don’t get the families of today,” wrote one commenter.

And we're off! Road trip. OR, WA, ID Alberta Canada. #loveroadtrips #secondact

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Matt’s recent Facebook update, which featured Zach, Tori, and Jackson leaving the state, also caught the attention of many Little People, Big World fans. Some even directly addressed the issue, asking the reality TV star why everyone seems to be leaving Roloff Farms when there is a baby on the way.

“Why is everyone leaving when there is a baby girl due any day?” wrote another.

Overall, there could be many reasons why the rest of the Roloff family has taken off at a time when Audrey is likely to give birth. It could all be just a huge coincidence. It could even be suggested by the Little People, Big World producers to add some dramatic flair to the upcoming season. Regardless of the reason, however, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are pretty much on their own for now.

Do you think it’s strange that Jeremy and Audrey are alone at this crucial time? Was the departure of the Roloff family just a coincidence, or is everything planned for the sake of drama for the upcoming Little People, Big World season? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]