Ryan Edwards No Longer Living With Mackenzie Standifer, Preparing To File For Divorce

Ryan Edwards of Teen Mom OG has been in the media this past week for all the wrong reasons. It was reported that the married father of one was caught on Tinder sending naked pictures to women. Although Ryan has only been wed for a few months, and still hasn’t had his big “official” wedding, it has been reported that he has moved out of the home the pair share together and is preparing to file for divorce from wife Mackenzie Standifer.

According to insiders on the Teen Mom OG set, Mackenzie has been getting more and more difficult to work with through the drama with her husband. The reality TV star has supposedly been keeping mum about their issues and has been making it extra hard for the crew to film. Not too long ago, Standifer took to Twitter to say that she was frustrated with the way she was portrayed on the show, so it is not surprising she wouldn’t necessarily be excited about filming during this tough situation. Reports also state that she will still not talk even if she is paid more.

Tabloids have reported that Mackenzie has paid off the woman who came forward with her allegations about her cheating husband, Ryan Edward.

Amid all of the drama, The Ashley has reported that Mackenzie has asked MTV to pay for her and her friends to go on an all-expenses paid vacation in order to get away from “the drama.” MTV declined to do so after taking a few weeks to think about the proposition.


The reality TV star has also shut down all of her accounts on social media. While she previously simply closed them to make sure no prying fans would look at her photos, Ryan Edwards’ wife has completely deleted her presence.

Reports state that Ryan Edwards has been welcomed into his parents’ Tennessee home amidst the marriage crisis, and that he is allowed to stay there as long as he likes as long as he remains sober.

The Ashley has also stated that Ryan Edwards has discussed divorcing Mackenzie Standifer with several crew members and is more than ready to pull the trigger on the decision.


[Featured Image by Ryan Edwards/Instagram]