Amy Roloff Goes On Trip With Boyfriend Amid Reports She Hasn’t Always Gotten Along With Daughter-In-Law Audrey

While her daughter-in-law Audrey is 38 weeks pregnant, Amy Roloff and her boyfriend, Chris Marek, have set off on a cross-state adventure amid reports that the two haven’t always gotten along.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, the Roloff family took time to watch the eclipse together at Roloff Farms. On one side of the farm, Matt took in the event with a few friends. On the other side of the farm, Amy enjoyed her eclipse-viewing party with family members including Audrey, Jeremy, Zach, and Tori.

But just today, Amy posted a photo of her boyfriend Chris’ motorcycle all loaded up and told fans that the pair were going on a road trip together.

Many concerned fans found it strange that Amy was going out on a big road trip while Audrey could go into labor any day now. Radar Online also reported Matt found it weird that Amy would be taking a trip this far into Audrey’s labor.

Amy’s recent post received over 16,000 likes as well as more than 700 comments, many of which were fans asking why she was traveling while Audrey is about to burst.

“What if your daughter goes into labor while you’re gone?” one fan asked.

“Wow and so close to your granddaughter arriving. Make it back soon. Enjoy the trip,” another fan chimed in.

And we’re off! Road trip. OR, WA, ID Alberta Canada. #loveroadtrips #secondact

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This all comes after a report from Radar Online that the mom of four has not always gotten along with her daughter-in-law Audrey.

The news publication says that Amy and Audrey had a falling out following the 52-year-old’s divorce from her husband, Matt Roloff. When Amy began to date Chris, it went against Audrey’s devout Christian beliefs and she was very upset about it. In fact, Audrey was so angry that Amy was dating again that she wrote a Facebook post referring to the Roloff family as her “former” family last year according to Radar Online.

“Thank you for being my biggest supporter and encourager of my dreams,” the Christian social media star gushed. “Thank you for prioritizing me over work, guys night, your former family, your phone, and your dreams,” the 26-year-old wrote in 2016.

What? It is! It’s a GIRL????. I’m so excited! My baby boy is having a baby girl! Jer and Auj im so so happy for you both! Love you????I’m going to be a grandma 2nd time in one year! What a blessing! #secondact is pretty awesome so far! #whatayear2017 #littlegrandma #grandkids #blessingsallaround #miracleoflife #beating50percent

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Since they have both been seen together on Little People, Big World this year and seeing as they just watched the eclipse together, many people think that the two have squashed any differences they previously had. However, fans are still questioning Amy’s choice to leave when her granddaughter is due to arrive any day now.

Do you think that it’s bizarre that Amy left town so close to the birth of her grandchild? Or do you think grandma deserves one more trip before she arrives? Sound off in the comments section.

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