‘BB19’ News: Julie Chen Weighes In On The Latest Eviction And Which Duo Is The Strongest Team

Julie Chen has been the host of Big Brother for 19 Seasons now. She has seen some great strategies and some strange ones over the years, but never is the house so boring there is nothing for her to weigh in on. This season is no exception and each week Julie shares her thoughts with Entertainment Weekly.

In this week’s interview, the magazine asked Julie how she felt about Thursday’s live eviction. With Matt and Mark on the block, the BB19 houseguests had sent Mark to the Jury House. According to Julie, that was the wrong choice. He was not in a team since Elena left, and posed no threat to anyone. On the other hand, if they had broken up Maven by sending Matt to the jury, they would have weakened a possible team opponent.

When asked which of the remaining duos is the one to watch, Julie pointed out that Jason and Alex are both good at competitions and “no one hates them.” When you look at Matt and Raven, Matt is rather harmless, and Raven hasn’t won a competition yet this season. With Christmas and Josh, Christmas is physically limited, while Josh hasn’t turned out to be the physical competitor fans of BB19 had first thought.

Zingbot had entered the house to take shots at the BB19 houseguests. When Entertainment Weekly asked Julie about her favorite “zing” this season, she answered it was Raven’s. While it was a bit harsh, what made it so funny to her is that Raven wasn’t insulted and, in fact, seemed confused while the other BB19 houseguests howled with laughter.



Julie admitted that watching the BB19 houseguests endure the treachery unleashed on them each summer is fun. In the endurance competition, as the houseguests tried to stay in their buns, first water and then condiments were sprayed on them. Julie and her seven-year-old son enjoyed watching as the BB19 houseguests were covered in layer after layer of the various hot dog condiments and struggled to hold on.

What do you think of Mark being evicted from the BB19 house? Do you think he has a shot with Elena now that they are off camera? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]