Hugh Hefner’s Son Cooper Gives Health Update On Dad, Doesn’t Sound Good For Playboy Founder

Fans of Playboy and also The Girls Next Door have followed Hugh Hefner’s career for years. As Hef starts to get older, fans wonder about his health. Life & Style Magazine revealed that Hef’s son Cooper is giving a health update on his dad and things aren’t looking good right now.

Cooper did a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter and he shared a lot of information. He says that it can be hard watching his dad suffer, but he did say his issues are physical and not mental. On Father’s Day a picture of Hef with his sons came out and at the time he looked great.

The fans loved getting to see Hef in that picture because he hasn’t been seen much lately. Used to be that everyone got to see him weekly on the show The Girls Next Door. After that show got canceled, Hef was out in the public a lot and was even seen on his ex-girlfriend’s spin-off shows. The last few years, fans haven’t seen much of Hef though.

Last year, there were rumors that Hugh Hefner was on his death bed and Cooper quickly put those to rest. Now he is making it sound like his dad is having health issues, but he didn’t go into explaining everything that is going on right now. Reports have been out for a while that Hef has lost a lot of weight and it is pretty obvious that he isn’t handling everything at the magazine now.

Hef’s wife Crystal Harris used to be in the press a lot, but she hasn’t been saying much lately either. The fans of Playboy and Hef would love to get an update from Crystal or Hef on how he is doing. Recently, Kendra Wilkinson starred in her new show in Vegas and it was pretty surprising that Hef wasn’t there on her big opening night.

Cooper Hefner recently brought nude pictures back to the magazine. He has been working hard and it looks like he is set up to take over Playboy totally. He has been named the chief creative officer of Playboy Enterprises

Are you shocked to hear that Hef is dealing with a few health issue? Do you feel like he will be around much longer? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Featured Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images]