Ivanka Trump Slammed On Twitter For Sharing Latest Photo

Ivanka Trump has a hard time generating warmth from followers over the photos and messages she posts on social media. She was slammed once more after posting a new photo on Twitter that didn’t resonate well with people. The daughter of and special assistant to President Donald Trump gets a lot of grief for her posts as critics find her to be out of touch and having little influence over her father’s controversial policies.

According to AOL News, Ivanka Trump’s tweet on Thursday shows her sitting at a table with fan mail from children scattered on top. In the eyes of her numerous critics, it seemed to stage adoration for the first daughter, and some suggested the fan letters were “fake.”

The image shows Ivanka Trump looking up at the camera smiling as she thumbs through letters written in bright ink and big letters with colorful illustrations.

“Overjoyed by these beautiful letters. Reading them is one of the highlights of my week,” Ivanka captioned the photo.

One user responded coldly that Ivanka’s dad has “greatly improved” his handwriting and that he should “spend more time studying policy and less time writing you all those letters.” Another wrote that Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ part-time job is writing Ivanka Trump cards.

One thank you card to Ivanka didn’t go unnoticed — it had a drawing of dollar signs and was interpreted to be Ivanka’s eyes. A Twitter user responded to that by saying that the “kid nailed it” and that “we love a role model.”

The responses were harsh, some suggesting that the same markers and types of paper were used to write all of the cards. Someone posted a video of a baby vomiting with the caption that Ivanka has beautiful heart, soul, and mind “to go with it.”

Not many reactions were positive, but there were a few accusing Ivanka Trump’s critics of being jealous and that she shouldn’t be blamed if they despise her father as the nation’s president. A number of people still want to know exactly what it is Donald Trump’s daughter does in the White House as his assistant.

It’s unknown where the cards came from or why the children wrote the notes, but they were apparently expressing gratitude to Ivanka Trump.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]