The Pastor That ‘Outdaughtered’ Patriarch Asked For Help Speaks Out

As fans of the TLC hit show, Outdaughtered, already know, Adam Busby, the patriarch of the clan that is otherwise almost exclusively female, has been suffering from postpartum depression (and yes, male postpartum depression is indeed real). And while he was hesitant to get therapy for his postpartum depression, he was alright with talking to a pastor about his issues.

Now, Jarrid Wilson, the pastor that the Outdaughtered star reached out to for help, is speaking out about how, exactly, he helped Adam Busby get through it.

According to In Touch Weekly, the Outdaughtered star connected with Wilson online. After speaking with Wilson extensively, Busby decided it was prudent to make a trip from the family home in Texas to the pastor’s home in Nashville, TN.

Initially, too, Adam’s wife Danielle was hesitant to make the trip because who can really go that far with all those kids? But in the end, she relented because she knew that this meeting was essential for her husband’s well-being.

Wilson, who is known for having an “unconventional” way of sharing faith, now has more than a quarter-million followers on Facebook. The Busbys, meanwhile, feel as though they’ve made lifelong friends in the Wilsons (that is, Jarrid and his wife, Juli).

And, at the conclusion of their meeting, Jarrid shared that “it’s okay to not be okay.”

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For her part, according to Chron, Outdaughtered matriarch Danielle Busby showed loving support for her husband on her Instagram account.

“I’m so proud of my Buzz for accepting what is real and admitting it!” she wrote while sharing a picture of her husband with the quintuplets. “It’s okay not to be okay! May God use you Buzz to speak to others who are going through the same thing you are. It’s not easy to admit struggles but it’s courageous of you. I love you to the moon and back and will ALWAYS be by your side!”

It’s definitely encouraging to see Danielle Busby being so supportive of her husband.

You can see the picture that Danielle shared below.

Outdaughtered airs Wednesdays on TLC.

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