John Cena Reviews & Drives Aston Martin ‘James Bond’ Car From Popular Movie Franchise

John Cena reviews Aston Martin from James Bond movie franchise

WWE superstar John Cena recently got to review and test drive a slick Aston Martin car from the James Bond movie franchise. Thanks to his love for cars, as Cena owns several, he often reviews different rides on his fiancee Nikki Bella’s YouTube Channel. The latest is one of those cars that most people would love to own, or even get to drive around for a day. Cena got to do the latter, while also showcasing what makes this such a classic ride that even super spy James Bond used during one of his adventures.

According to 411 Mania, John Cena was able to review an Aston Martin in a new video from The Bella Twins YouTube channel. Cena indicated this particular model was featured in a Bond movie and has the classic “Bond color.” Despite being a foreign car, Cena said it was also quite American for an Aston Martin because it features a lot of Ford in the vehicle. The exact ride that John Cena got to admire is the 2005 Aston Martin Vanquish S. Cena mentions that during that time, Ford had a lot more involvement in the foreign car. Among the standout features on the outside of this car are the rear raised spoiler and road wheel rims with red calipers. The engine packs some punch with a 520 horsepower 6L V12 under the hood, complete with the Aston Martin logos on top. It also features heat snake hoses inside the engine area that are able to blow off steam.

Aston Martin Vanquish on display

In the YouTube video clip below, John Cena goes over the exterior, interior, and of course, checks out how the car handles itself when taken out on the open road.

So how’s the ride? Cena notes upon starting the engine, that the “car has roar for sure” and “when you get it going, this thing is a monster.” Cena called the car “Glorious” in a certain bracket and needs to be driven hard. He says he “wishes it was more, especially for the price tag.” Cena believes they could have done better with the car, but it could still end up being a collectible. For his money, it appears Cena will go with something else for his next addition to the car collection.

The Aston Martin line of cars is quite popular with car enthusiasts. That was evidenced at an auction last week in Monterey, California when a rare Aston Martin DBR sold for $22.5 million. That dollar amount set the record for most money paid for any British Car according to Car & Driver. That particular car was driven by Stirling Moss and won the 1959 Nürburgring 1000 Kilometers race. The one John Cena reviewed is a much more updated version from the year 2005.

Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger movie on display

The Aston Martin V12 Vanquish that Cena looked at was featured in the James Bond movie Die Another Day. That film starred Piers Brosnan in the lead role as the MI6 agent with the car featuring an array of features that Cena didn’t see on the model he reviewed. Among them were front-firing rockets and twin machine guns, spike-producing tires, and a passenger ejector seat. Cena would possibly want the latter feature just in case he was carjacked, but wouldn’t want to accidentally eject Nikki Bella from the car.

Cena regularly checks out different high-end and expensive cars that many people probably dream of owning as part of the “Auto Geek” series on The Bella Twins’ YouTube channel. As such a fan of automobiles, it’s also not surprising that John Cena has been in the headlines lately for two movie franchises. One of those is the Transformers franchise, where Cena will play the lead in a new spinoff film focused on Bumblebee from the Autobots. The other is reportedly being discussed and would star Cena in the lead for a Knight Rider film based on the talking smart-car television series starring David Hasselhoff.

Could all of this mean that John Cena is in line a future gig as the popular spy James Bond? According to WWE, the better choice would be Seth “Freakin'” Rollins, as they teased the idea in a previous article on their website. Either way, Cena got to check out and drive the Bond car first.

[Featured Image by WWE]