‘V Magazine’: Kylie Breaks The Internet With Photo Slideshow, Reactions To Jenner Following In Kim’s Footsteps

The reactions to Kylie Jenner’s V Magazine photoshoot are coming hot and heavy on social media, and the publication’s website is seemingly having a problem displaying Kylie’s photo gallery and slideshow. Although the NSFW page titled “Watch the footage of Kylie Jenner’s sheer Nick Night shoot” shows that it is supposed to be a photoshoot with five pages of photos, as of this writing, the first photo from Kylie’s photoshoot only seems to be working via V Magazine.

Update: The full photoshoot for Kylie that is linked to via the V Magazine website’s article about Kylie now appears to be working.

Just like when Kim Kardashian “broke the Internet” with Kim’s nude photos and photoshoot for Paper magazine, the NSFW photos of Kylie seem to be breaking the Internet with her V Magazine photoshoot. According to Trendolizer, the NSFW TMZ photos of Kylie have gotten nearly 4,000 Facebook likes thus far and counting. Kylie poses in a sheer yellow shirt that displays all of her upper body and leaves little to the imagination.

The article simply titled “Kylie” on the V Magazine website notes that Kylie has revealed all, presumably emotionally, visually and beyond. Kylie is the youngest sister in the Jenner family, and the photoshoot and accompanying article that was published on V109, the V Magazine photoshoot of Kylie will hit newsstands on August 31, but can be pre-ordered via the V Magazine website.

Kylie Jenner
[Image by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Madame Tussauds Hollywood]

The V Magazine article speaks about the 20-year-old Kylie reinventing herself as one of the most popular members surrounding the Kardashian clan, with close to 100 million Instagram followers. Kylie was “truly exposed” in the V Magazine photoshoot, and reactions are flowing into Twitter and other social media platforms about Kylie’s choice to go nude for V Magazine.

Kylie told V Magazine how she always posts sexy photos but has never gone nude until now. Reactions on Twitter aren’t all positive, with some folks feeling that Kylie was trying to take credit for making colorful weaves popular. Other than that, reactions are flowing into Twitter over Kylie’s V Magazine photos, with people noting how much Kylie is following in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps by posing nude.

Kylie Jenner
[Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for People.com]

[Featured Image by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]