‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Shocker: Dillon’s Tragic Death Revealed – RPW Done But A Few ‘GH’ Scenes Left

General Hospital spoilers hint that Dillon Quartermaine’s (Robert Palmer Watkins) exit from GH comes sooner than expected and is the result of a Quartermaine family tragedy. GH rumors indicate that Dillon will be abruptly written out via a mysterious death and Friday, August 25 could be Dillon’s final scenes on the ABC soap. Here’s the inside scoop and why fans should get ready with their tissues for a sad exit in the latest General Hospital spoilers. Update info from RPW reveals that he has a few scenes left during the Morocco plot and then DIllon is gone for good. It’s likely his return from the foreign locale will be the source of the trouble.

Dillon’s deadly exit – abrupt ending for another beloved character

It seems that GH did to Robert Palmer Watkins what they also did to Rebecca Budig – an abrupt firing, confirmed by ABC Soaps in Depth, and the character written out after the fact. General Hospital spoilers said Rebecca filmed her last scenes as Hayden Barnes just as the GH set went dark for summer break. After she left, the other characters surrounding Hayden explained her hasty exit, and she hasn’t been seen again, although some GH rumors say she might be back for one last short scene soon.

After the July summer break, Robert took a break from GH in early August to film a movie called Last Three Days. Some set sources say RPW was given the thumbs up to take time off to make the movie then was cut as Dillon Quartermaine while he was on his other project. Once again, we’ll see a character exit and then other characters explaining where they went and what happened. Hayden was a runaway bride, but General Hospital reportedly has something far more drastic planned for Dillon Q.


Quartermaine tragedy strikes – plot open for Dillon return?

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, August 25 promise Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) has a crisis at an international photo shoot for Crimson. Nina asks Dillon to sort out the mess. This puts Dillon with Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) telling her he must fly to Morocco immediately. Initially, it seems that storyline was about allowing Robert Palmer Watkins a gap in Dillon’s plot to shoot his movie. But then something changed, and the actor was reportedly “blindsided” by the news that he’d been cut from the GH cast.

GH spoilers hint that Dillon will be killed off in a plane crash or other incident on the set of the Crimson photo shoot in Morocco. That allows General Hospital to go where they want. Either a kidnapping or plane crash leaves no body, which lets the ABC soap bring back Dillon later with RPW or a recast in the role. It’s rare that a soap will kill off a character – they usually leave the door open for later. Even with no body, we can expect a tearful funeral and frustration from GH fans. With other characters on the flight with him, a mishap on the return seems certain.


Kiki loses another BF – fans lose another Quartermaine

If these General Hospital spoilers are true, Kiki has the worst track record with men. She lost Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig), and less than a year later, new BF Dillon dies tragically. While this is a big loss for GH fans, it should provide some good storyline and sad scenes for Hayley Erin as Kiki. It’s also tough since General Hospital also lost Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) recently. Many fans get frustrated when the soap brings in newbies while losing legacy family characters.

Hayley Erin shared recently that she was “devastated” by Robert Palmer Watkins’ firing from General Hospital, so it shouldn’t be a stretch for her to be sad and tearful when Kiki learns that Dillon is missing and presumed dead, likely in a plane crash in Morocco. That’s the end of Killon and begs the question of what’s next for Kiki. She’s got a storyline coming with Franco (Roger Howarth), but beyond that, her fate is unclear. Come back to the Inquisitr soon for more General Hospital spoilers.

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