Donald Trump Adviser Roger Stone Predicts ‘Bloody Civil War’ If President Is Impeached

Donald Trump’s longtime acquaintance and current adviser Roger Stone is predicting a “bloody civil war” should impeachment proceedings ever be initiated against the president.

The long controversial Stone added “an insurrection like you’ve never seen before” would ensue should Trump ever be forced from the Oval Office.

TMZ reports Stone capped his array of outlandish predictions by warning that any politician joining in on such proceedings “would be endangering their own life.”

Whispers about Trump’s possible impeachment recently reached a crescendo as the investigation into his possible collusion with Russians during his 2016 campaign have intensified.

A recent Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) survey found that 40 percent of Americans now support dumping him from office.

Still, Stone, a former staffer of the Nixon administration, seems unfazed.

“Try to impeach him, just try it,” he said. “You will have a spasm of violence in this country.”

An adviser throughout Trump’s campaign, Stone has often boasted of still having the president’ ear.

Trump has recently come under increased criticism over his handling of white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, where one anti-protestor was killed.

In the aftermath, Democrat Representative Steve Cohen recently indicated he plans to formally introduce articles of impeachment.

According to NPR, there is already a website arguing that Trump should be impeached and encouraging members of Congress to act, and it has collected nearly a million signatures and an “Impeach Donald Trump” Twitter handle.

Calls for Donaald Trump's impeachment are growing. [Images by Ralph Freso/Getty Images].

Impeaching a president requires a majority a House majority vote and two-thirds of the Senate. Both chambers of Congress are currently controlled by Republicans.

Besides Nixon, President Bill Clinton is the only other sitting president to be impeached. The act was carried out by the House, but it never got the votes needed to pass in the Senate.

Roger Stone remains firmly behind President Trump. [Image by Joshua Blancard/Getty Images].

Since taking office, the Trump administration has been dogged by controversy that has led to cabinet members Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, and Anthony Scaramucci all leaving the White House after less than six months of service.

Trump appointed retired military general John Kelly as Priebus’ chief of staff replacement, with the hope being that he might be able to bring order to the chaotic administration.

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