Rebecca Gayheart Update: New Information About Why Sister Rachel Gayheart Was In Jail [Update]

There is now new information in the mystery behind the arrest of Rebecca Gayheart’s sister Rachel Gayheart and how she ended up dead in a Kentucky hospital following her arrest. Details about Rachel Gayheart’s arrest and health are being shared after Rebecca Gayheart returned to her home in Kentucky to bury her sister. While the investigation is still underway, Gayheart’s husband, former Grey’s Anatomy actor Eric Dane, is allegedly concerned about her mental state, as are her friends.

Rebecca Gayheart’s sister Rachel Gayheart died suddenly, and what created such a mystery was the lack of information that the jail and police were willing to share, suggesting that perhaps they were hiding something. Rachel Gayheart had trouble with drugs and a history of arrests that all surrounded drug use and abuse. When Rachel Gayheart’s death was announced, Hazard, Kentucky, prison administrator Lonnie Brewer released a limited statement about Gayheart’s incarceration and death.

“She came to the jail first, then died in the hospital yesterday after being in the hospital three or four days. I don’t know what the cause of death is.”

After several days with little or no public information, Detective Thomas from the Hazard Police Department released another statement saying that Rachel Gayheart had been suffering from respiratory difficulties, which is why she was transferred from jail to the hospital.

Now, additional details are being released about how Rachel Gayheart ended up behind bars in the first place. In the last few years, Rachel Gayheart, 38, had been arrested several times, and it was an arrest in 2015 that set the wheels in motion for this tragedy.

In Septemeber of 2015, former Noxzema model Rebecca Gayheart’s younger sister Rachel Gayheart was arrested for “operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs, failure to produce insurance card, and failure to provide license and maintain required insurance.”

In June, Rachel Gayheart’s trial was held on her court date after she was a no-show. Gayheart was found guilty of the charge of “Driving Under the Influence,” and a bench warrant was issued for her arrest. At the beginning of August, the Hazard Police Department tracked down Rachel Gayheart, ironically at the same hospital where she would die days later, and placed her under arrest. She was taken to the Perry County Jail.

Sources believe that Rachel Gayheart might have been suffering from respiratory problems before her arrest and got worse in jail. Another inmate noticed that Rachel Gayheart was having trouble breathing, and she was transported back to the hospital, according to Detective Thomas.

“We transmitted her to the hospital… she died about three or four days later.”

At this time, sources believe that Rachel Gayheart died of pneumonia.

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Sources close to Rebecca Gayheart and husband Eric Dane say that Gayheart has understandably been devastated by the death of her younger sister. Rebecca Gayheart is said to be depressed, and friends are concerned. Rebecca Gayheart did not release an official statement through a rep about her sister Rachel Gayheart’s death, but she did post a photo of the Gayheart family graveside on Instagram with a note.

“My baby sister Rachel ‘Ray’ has sadly passed away. We buried her on the hilltop in Kentucky along with my grandparents and cousins. She was loved by everyone and had a wicked sense of humor and the most loving heart. Life has not been easy for you sis but now you can be peaceful.”


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