Rumored iPhone 8 Production Unit Spotted On Tim Cook, $999 Starting Price, 512GB Storage Tipped For New Device

The iPhone 8 is rumored for release sometime this coming September.

As the days count down to Apple’s most important event in years, the last details about the iPhone 8 continue to emerge. Interestingly, the highly-anticipated device seems to have been spotted in the wild recently, thanks to no other than Apple’s chief executive himself.

Apple CEO Tim Cook caught the attention of avid iPhone 8 fans due to a recent photo that the manager uploaded to his official Twitter page. The image, which was taken when the executive was at CTS in Cincinnati, showed the Apple CEO carrying what appears to be a mobile device in his pocket, according to a report from The Verge. Considering the size and dimensions of the mysterious mobile inside Tim Cook’s pocket, many Apple fans and iPhone aficionados are speculating that the CEO is walking around with either an iPhone 8 prototype or an iPhone 8 production unit.

While the focus on Tim Cook’s pants is undoubtedly strange, the speculations that emerged from the CEO’s picture are actually quite well-grounded. Tim Cook is not a small man by any means, standing at six-feet-three-inches. The device in the CEO’s pocket, however, consumed a lot of space, which suggests that the mobile device he was carrying was substantial in size, but not quite as wide and large as the iPhone 7S Plus.

Regardless of what device the Apple CEO was really carrying with him, however, the iPhone 8 is undoubtedly gaining a lot of momentum in the smartphone industry. If any, the latest rumors about the iPhone 8 are mostly encouraging, with reports and speculations from various leakers pretty much agreeing that Apple’s latest flagship smartphone would be its best one yet. As noted by a MacRumors report, the most recent information from the rumor mill even suggested that the iPhone 8 would be released with a top-grade 512GB variant, which all but exceeds its competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and recently-released Galaxy Note 8, which tops out at 256GB.

Not all news about the iPhone 8 has been positive, however. While the absence of TouchID is something that has been widely accepted by the Apple community for now, new reports that the upcoming device would start at $999 have been met with some disappointment among the Apple’s massive fanbase. Despite this, however, anticipation for the iPhone 8 remains consistently high.

Overall, the 10th-anniversary iPhone would definitely make a significant impact in 2017’s mobile industry.

[Featured Image by Mahod84/Shutterstock]