Mavis Fever: $758.7M Powerball Winner Tops Beyonce’s Wealth, Cops To Patrol House 24/7

The winner of the $758.7 Million Powerball jackpot is going to “relax,” which is one of the first things Mavis Wanczyk said yesterday as she stood in the Boston headquarters of the Massachusetts State Lottery. Mavis hails from Chicopee, where she purchased that winning Powerball jackpot.

She’s 53-years-old and Mavis is best described as just one of the regular folk. This mother of two is not someone who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth or sitting with a six figure career. She worked at Mercy Medical Center, “worked” as in past tense because she wasn’t shy about saying she called her boss to say she quit, now that she’s a very wealthy person.

According to Fox & Friends on Friday morning, Mavis is now wealthier than Beyonce, which is one of the reasons police are patrolling her house around the clock after she stepped forward yesterday with the news. Her lottery winning numbers were a combination of her loved one’s birth dates, which made her the sole winner of the Powerball jackpot.

Mavis opted for the lump sum jackpot payout, so when she walked out of lottery headquarters Thursday, she had $443 million more than she had the day before. While these are just numbers on paper to the people reading all about Mavis, these numbers have changed the woman’s life forever.

According to the Daily Mail, this makes Mavis richer than some of the world’s biggest stars, who have compiled their fortunes over a lifetime. She’s now wealthier than Beyonce, which gives people a real perspective of just how rich she really is.


Mavis Wanczyk from Chicopee, Massachusetts, not only has more money than Beyonce, she also is now wealthier than Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp. The nation has suddenly become very infatuated with Mavis who represents the average person in today’s world, or at least she did until Wednesday night.

Mavis has two children and she lost her husband last year. He was a firefighter who was killed by a drunk driver in November, according to the New York Daily News. While all the money on the planet won’t replace a loved one, this fortune can make life easier for her and her family members.


Mavis, her mother, and sister appeared at the lottery headquarters yesterday to claim her prize. She showed up in front of the cameras and introduced herself to the world and now experts say she has broken one of the unofficial golden rules of a jackpot lottery winner, according to CNBC News. She didn’t seem to care about who knew about her windfall while in front of the cameras and that is probably another reason people can’t hear enough about Mavis and her millions of dollars in winnings.


Jason Kurland, an attorney at Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman, a law firm in East Meadow, New York, said that Mavis now “has an insane amount of money” and she will soon realize what comes along with that. According to the rules of the lottery, the winners are to be made public, but in the past folks have created trusts and the trustee has accepted the winnings to keep their identity unknown.

Kurland said that Wanczyk has already made a mistake in the eyes of the experts by letting her identity be known. She is going to be inundated with calls that offer investment opportunities, from charities, and from people she knows and people she doesn’t know. Kurland suggested that her life is about to get crazy and that might be an understatement.

[Featured Image by Josh Reynolds/AP Images]