‘Little People, Big World’ Baby Update: Audrey Roloff Fights Illness As Labor Is Set To Begin

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff has entered the final week of her pregnancy, and she could literally give birth to her baby girl at any moment. Unfortunately, the 26-year-old mom-to-be has entered the final stretch feeling a bit under the weather.

In an Instagram Stories post from Aug. 24, Audrey shared a selfie of herself frowning into the camera with the caption, “When you get sick the week of [your] due date. #soexhausted.”

Audrey didn’t say exactly what her illness was, but since she was apparently still up and around and not bedridden, it’s likely just a cold. But, as any mom knows, going through labor is a major undertaking for women when they’re feeling completely well, so the fact that Audrey may have to give birth with an illness–no matter how minor–is a bit of a downer.

As Inquistr previously reported, Audrey is due to give birth to her future Little People, Big World star on Aug. 31. However, studies show that first-time mothers are 15 to 16 percent more likely to give birth early.

In a recent Facebook post, Audrey told Little People, Big World fans that her belly had dropped.

“Does it get any lower?” she asked.

And on Instagram, she said that she felt that she could go into labor at any moment.

“I’m a little over 38 weeks and I cannot believe our little girl could come at any moment… As nervous as I am for labor and delivery, I love that we don’t get to know exactly when she will come. To me, it’s a beautiful reminder that I’m not in control.”

Audrey told US Weekly that she and husband Jeremy Roloff are “very excited” about her pending labor and delivery, but she admitted that they are also feeling some “nerves” about the big moment. She also said that the only people present for the birth will be “our midwife, Jeremy, and our doula.”

However, she acknowledged that “we will have family and friends outside anxiously waiting, I’m sure!”


Unfortunately for Little People, Big World fans, that sounds like the show will not be allowed to film Audrey’s delivery. However, that doesn’t mean LPBW cameras won’t be waiting with friends and family outside to document the joy of Baby Girl Roloff’s arrival.

Let’s just hope that Audrey is feeling well and strong by the time the big moment comes!

Are you disappointed that the birth of Audrey and Jeremy’s baby won’t be filmed for Little People, Big World? Do you think Audrey will have a harder time with labor if she still has a cold? Tell us in the comments below.

Little People, Big World returns to TLC in September.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]