‘GH’ Theory: Two Jasons Story — Susan Moore’s Twins Separated At Birth? Miller, Burton’s Characters As Twins

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and buzz tease that the return of Steve Burton’s character presents a mystery to old residents of Port Charles who recognize the face as Jason Morgan’s pre-surgery face. As Jason’s old acquaintances struggle to solve the intriguing mystery, GH writers are challenged to weave a compelling plot with startling twists that keep fans on the edge of their seats through to the end.

Different theories have emerged about how Steve Burton’s character is related to other characters in Port Charles, particularly Billy Miller’s Jason. The most widely accepted fan theory is that Burton returns as his original Jason character and is integrated into the storyline side-by-side with Miller’s Jason.

Susan Moore’s Twins Separated At Birth?

The unraveling of the mystery of the relationship between the “two Jasons” will involve explaining why Burton’s character has returned to Port Charles and why he has a face identical to Jason Morgan’s pre-plastic surgery face.

Despite the emergence of competing theories about the role of Burton’s character, GH buzz and rumor suggest that Miller and Burton’s characters are brothers, and most likely twins.

The implication of the theory that Miller and Burton’s character are twins is that their mother, Susan Moore (Gail Ramsey), had given birth to a set of twins, but the twins were separated at birth and one of the set became effectively “lost.”


GH writers will have to explain what happened to the other twin because the official GH history acknowledges only one Jason Morgan raised in early childhood by Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) and later by Alan Quartermaine (Stuart Damon), believed to be his biological father.

The twins were presumably separated soon after birth. The storyline would have to fill in huge blanks about the history of the other twin. Fans can expect a complex storyline that gradually provides the answers to perplexing questions, with several red herrings along the way to add to the excitement, intrigue and mystery.

Scenario A: Burton’s Character As The ‘Real Jason’

As noted earlier, when Burton’s character returns to Port Charles, it would be only a matter of time before old residents notice that his face is remarkably similar to Jason Morgan’s face before the accident involving Ava’s (Maura West) car that disfigured him. After the accident, Jason was supposed to have undergone reconstructive surgery which altered his face.


An intriguing aspect of the mystery is what the two characters understand about their own histories and their identities prior to efforts to unravel their joint identity as twins. However, a situation where Burton’s character emerges as the “real Jason” means that an entirely new history will have to be invented to explain Billy Miller’s character. The joint history will likely involve switches at differing points, and going by GH buzz and rumors, the arch-villain Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) was likely involved in kidnapping or switching the twins at birth.

Scenario B: Miller’s Character As The ‘Real Jason’

However, some fans have posited an alternative scenario in which Billy Miller’s character is the “real Jason.” This means that the real Jason Morgan was replaced by his twin after the car crash involving a drunk A.J. Quartermaine which happened years before the crash with Ava’s car. That is, when the real Jason Morgan was taken to the hospital after the A.J. Quartermaine crash, he was replaced with the “fake” Stone Cold version.

This theory, of course, ignores the fact that Steve Burton, and not Billy Miller, was playing Jason Morgan before and after the accident with A.J. Quartermaine. The theory simply insists that the Jason Morgan who returned home from hospital with total memory loss was the fake Jason.

Fans will recall that the Jason who returned home from hospital after the A.J. Quartermaine accident went through a drastic change in personality. He became hostile to family members and changed his name from Quartermaine to Morgan.

The change represents the switch from the real Jason to the fake Jason, according to fans who support the theory.

The fake Jason was later replaced at the hospital by the real Jason before undergoing reconstructive surgery after being run over by Ava’s car several years after the A.J. Quartermaine accident. Thus, it was the real Jason that underwent reconstructive surgery and not the fake “Stone Cold” version.

Scenario B fits the observation that Steve Burton’s character looks exactly like Jason Morgan before reconstructive surgery. That is, Billy Miller’s character, who is the real Jason, replaced the fake Jason.

A third recently proposed theory suggests that rather than Miller’s character and Burton’s character being twins, Jason could turn out to be Franco’s twin.

Regardless of the plot that finally emerges, the twin story will provide absorbing drama for GH fans as the major characters involved struggle to make sense of the two Jasons conundrum.

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