‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Targets Set, Live Feed Updates Reveal Eviction Plans, ‘BB19’ Voting Chaos

Big Brother 19 spoilers have been coming out on the CBS live feeds following the conclusion of the endurance competition. The BB19 house is about to go through a major alliance shift, which is why winning the Head of Household on Thursday night (August 24) was so important. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Alex Ow and Jason Dent voted to evict Matt Clines, but it ended up being Mark Jansen getting sent to the BB19 jury. That piece of information became important when the live feeds got turned back on.

Jason and Alex intentionally made these votes in order to stir things up a bit, but they weren’t on the same page following the HOH Competition. Regarding the Big Brother 19 spoilers that emerged from the endurance challenge, Jason Dent won the power for a second time this summer. While he was cleaning up in the bathroom, he told Kevin Schlehuber that he was one of the people who voted to keep Mark, but this was information he was supposed to keep a secret. Alex admonished him a bit later and told Jason to walk back the comments.

Even while holding the power this week, Jason and Alex don’t want to let Raven Walton and Matt Clines know how the votes went at the Eviction Ceremony. Instead, Alex has concocted a plan to stir the pot and create chaos in the BB19 house. She wants to convince people that the stray votes were made by Kevin Schlehuber and Raven Walton in order to create distance between those two houseguests and anyone who might try to align with them. It’s already working on Josh Martinez.

While Jason Dent is the current HOH and gets the benefits that come with it, it’s safe to conclude that Alex Ow is currently in charge of the BB19 house. She is right in Jason’s ear about what needs to happen and how the Week 9 nominations need to go. It’s not a bad idea for Jason to allow Alex to call the shots because she is making game moves that will benefit him in the long run. That is unless they miss an opportunity to go after a bigger target, and instead settle on people who are on the outside of the primary alliances.

Paul Abrahamian has laid out a plan for Jason Dent and Alex Ow where they nominate Raven Walton and Matt Clines for eviction and Paul will go tell the couple that they are backdooring Kevin Schlehuber. It certainly looks like a plan that Jason will be comfortable undertaking, as he wouldn’t be upset if either Raven or Matt got evicted this week instead. Can Paul convince Jason and Alex to look in that direction? Or will future Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that the duo finally figures out now is the time to go after bigger fish? Stay tuned.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]