Chris Brown Reportedly Wants Rihanna Back! Is Her Love Enough To Take Him Back?

It’s been a couple of years since Chris Brown and Rihanna ended their relationship, but the 28-year-old singer still reportedly wants his ex-girlfriend back. The 29-year-old diva has already moved on with her new boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, which could make it more difficult for the “Loyal” hitmaker to win her back.

Despite Chris’ brutal attack on Rihanna back in 2009, which left her bloodied and bruised, she still worries a lot about her ex. A source close to the singer told Hollywood Life that there is a part of her that feels protective of him. She allegedly knows that he is in a bad place right now and she’s just concerned what she can do. The “Work” hitmaker reportedly knows that he wants her back, as he continues to call and message her. He even gets in touch with her family as well.

“Chris has begged her plenty of times to take him back but that’s just not an option for her anymore,” an insider revealed. “She will always love him and she does wish she could help him but there’s really nothing she can do, she’s not going backwards.”

According to Life & Style, Chris Brown has always been in love with Rihanna and he’s now asking around to find out if she will consider talking to him again. The Virginia-born rapper recently opened up about his relationship with the Barbadian singer, including their violent history in his new documentary.

Chris Brown and Rihanna split
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“I remember she tried to kick me, but then I really hit her, with a closed fist, I punched her. I busted her lip,” he said in his film. “When I saw it, I was in shock. I was like, ‘F–k’ why the hell did I hit her? From there she just spit in my face, spit blood in my face and it enraged me even more.”

Despite the brutal attack, Chris Brown has always hoped that he and Rihanna would be together again. Unfortunately, the “Diamonds” singer has no plans to reunite with him any time soon. A source revealed that her family would be upset if she spoke to her former lover again, and they also wanted him to move on.

Rihanna ready to get married to Hassan Jameel
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It seems that they have nothing to worry about because Rihanna reportedly wanted to get married to her new boyfriend, Hassan Jameel – not only once but twice. A source revealed that the couple doesn’t want to get married in the United States. They reportedly wanted their wedding to be held in a place that is close to their heart, which means their birth places in Barbados and Saudi Arabia.

“What they want is to be in a gorgeous location, surrounded by family and friends,” an insider revealed. “They can’t wait to get married. They’re really perfect for each other.”

Rihanna seems to enjoy her low-profile relationship with her millionaire boyfriend. She reportedly doesn’t want to have another public romance after the nightmare she experienced when she was still dating Chris Brown. The pop star allegedly loves the fact that Hassan doesn’t want to be famous, nor be in the spotlight. There is no competition in their relationship, unlike when she was with the bad boy of R&B. Jameel allegedly lets her be the star and she totally loves the attention.

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