Cops Pull Over Slowpoke Driver To Find 13-Year-Old Kid With 25 Pounds Of Crystal Meth

A slow-moving car, a 13-year-old driver, and 25 pounds of crystal meth was what Colorado officers ran into all in one traffic stop this week. A car that was going just a bit too slow for the rest of the traffic got pulled over in what started out to be a simple traffic violation.

Can you imagine the look on the cop’s face when he walked up to the driver’s side window to see a young kid behind the wheel? This slowpoke not only wasn’t old enough to be behind the wheel, but he was carrying some cargo that cops found interesting: 25 pounds of crystal meth.

According to Green Rush Daily, it seems as if this kid has been “watching too much Breaking Bad.” It was Tuesday morning in Mesa County, Colorado, when this car caught the eye of a deputy, who happened to be on the Western Colorado Drug Task Force.

He thought the car was driving “suspiciously” and proceeded to pull it over. The driver was going about 15 mph under the speed limit, drawing attention to the car. Not only was he too slow in comparison to the rest of the traffic, he was swerving in and out of the lanes. This traffic stop happened just 13 miles from the Utah border, according to WMAZ.

Once he pulled the car over and got a gander at the youngster and his buddies in the car, he knew this wasn’t the typical traffic stop.

The 13-year-old at the wheel is underage, so his identity will remain unidentified. Ironically the other two people in the car, who were identified as his cousins, were both old enough to drive. They were identified as Michel-Arreola, 19, and her brother, German Michel-Arreola, 22. Why would these two people take the risk of letting a kid drive the car when they were carrying so much illegal baggage?

The brother and sister duo said that they asked their younger cousin to take the wheel because neither of the two were feeling up to par. This trio wasn’t from Colorado; all three were reportedly residents of Los Angeles, reports WMAZ.

Since the officers could already see that something wasn’t right with this picture, so far they had a youngster driving the car with two adults as passengers, they felt they should investigate a little further.

The officers asked to search the vehicle and that search turned up 23 packages of a crystallized substance, which they believed was crystal methamphetamine. While all three were taken into custody, it is not sure if the kid driving knew what he was driving around in the car along with his cousins.

According to the authorities, as of now, all three are facing “felony drug charges, including the manufacturing, possession, and distribution of a controlled substance.” The 13-year-old driver has also been hit with driving without a license and failure to drive in the designated lanes. While the adults are being held at the Mesa County Detention Facility, the teen driver is at the Grand Mesa Youth Services Center in Grand Junction.

[Featured Image by simez78/Shutterstock]