WWE Officials Are Enforcing Severe Punishment On Baron Corbin For Recent Behavior

Ever since Baron Corbin won the Money in the Bank briefcase back in June, the WWE Universe has been expecting him to reach the top of the ladder and become the WWE Champion sooner rather than later. However, it’s been a rough week for the Lone Wolf because he’s lost his briefcase, been chewed out by John Cena behind the scenes, and there are reports going around that WWE officials are enforcing severe punishments on Baron.

It’s being reported that along with losing on WWE television, Corbin is being punished in many other ways by WWE officials. Over the last week, the commentators have been fed additional negative lines about him and his booking has created some scenarios where Corbin is forced to remove his T-shirt. Apparently, WWE officials didn’t appreciate him bragging about his physique on Twitter, so they are having him show it off.

The powers that be are coming down hard on the Lone Wolf, especially after Cena felt it was necessary for him to be reprimanded after last week’s edition of SmackDown Live. It’s been a difficult two weeks for him, but his behavior has gotten him into some trouble backstage and Baron Corbin needs to take his lashings.

Baron Corbin Has Fallen Into A New Feud With AJ Styles
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Despite the fact that Baron Corbin has taken a couple of weeks of punishment for his behavior, the powers that be aren’t going to bury him completely or put him at the very bottom of the totem pole. WWE fans expect the Lone Wolf to begin a rivalry with AJ Styles soon over the United States Championship. It may not seem like a punishment, but it’s highly unlikely that WWE officials will book him to win the title.

Baron Corbin is Expected to Win MITB this Year
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Baron Corbin still has a bright future ahead of him with WWE. His recent attitude behind the scenes hasn’t done him any favors with many of the higher-ups in the company. However, WWE officials tend to look at “punishments” as “life lessons,” and if he can improve his demeanor over the coming months, there isn’t a reason to believe that Baron Corbin can’t reach the top of the WWE ladder after all the smoke has cleared.

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