‘Project Runway’ 2017 Spoilers: Week 2 — Who Got Eliminated Tonight?

Fans saw the first unconventional challenge on Project Runway 2017 tonight, but the show also had the first team challenge of the season. The designers on Project Runway Season 16 were put in teams to use recycled materials to create their looks, but who got eliminated on Project Runway Season 16 tonight? Find out the Week 2 results below in tonight’s Project Runway 2017 spoilers.

Last week’s premiere of Project Runway Season 16 saw the new designers arrive in New York City. The first challenge started right away and they had to create a red carpet look for their models, which happened to come in all shapes and sizes this season. In the end, Deyonte created the winning look and it was ChaCha with the least favorite look, sending the aspiring designer home.

The Challenge

The designers meet Tim Gunn to find out about the Week 2. They happen to be at a junkyard, as it is the first unconventional challenge of the season. They will be transforming the recycled goods all around them into high fashion looks. This also happens to be the first team challenge of the season, as Tim brought out the button bag to draw teams, which were:

  • Team 1 – Kudzanai, Michael, Kentaro, Deyonte, and Margarita
  • Team 2 – Aaron, Batani, Brandon, Kenya, and Ayana
  • Team 3 – Sentell, Samantha, Amy, Claire, and Shawn (the twins end up on the same team)

The teams have one day for this challenge and the winning look will be featured in Marie Claire. They have five minutes to gather as many materials as they can into their recycling bins. The teams will create a five-look mini collection and each designer will get a new model to work with.

The Workroom

The teams on Project Runway 2017 are discussing their plan of attack for this challenge. Team 2 is going with a socialite who likes to dress nice, but is dressing with sustainable materials. Team 1 seems to be going with a Japanese story. Team 3 is going with a resort look that is translucent.

Shawn is not vibing with the directing her team is going. Ayana is nervous with this challenge, as she is a modest designer and has only see-through plastic to work with. Shawn has a breakdown, as she is not feeling the team challenge, the unconventional challenge, and having a plus-size model.

The teams come up with team names: Team 1 is Team Wabi-Sabi, Team 2 is Team Ballin’ on a Budget, and Team 3 is Team Tsunami.

Tim’s Critiques

Tim Gunn arrives in the workroom to check out what the teams have come up with so far. For Team Tsunami, he does not see cohesion among the looks. After talking with them, he thought they were having a good conversation about where to go from here. For Team Wabi-Sabi, there is no cohesion again. He told them they need elements to bring them all together. For Ballin’ on a Budget, he tells them the designers should be controlling the materials and not the materials control them. He does not think the five looks are coming out of the same closet.

Let The Cohesion Begin

After Tim’s critiques on Project Runway 2017, it is time for the designers to get their looks to show more cohesion. After some work, the models come in for their fittings. As the day comes to an end, Amy is worried about Shawn and what her design will be, as she seems more concerned about Claire’s look and working on that.

The next day comes and the teams have two hours to complete their looks for the runway show. Kenya struggles getting her model in the look, but works it out. Team Tsunami seems to be creating all of the design elements to the twins’ looks. They were all racing around, but the looks are done and they all headed to the runway.

Judges’ Critiques

The judges for tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, actress Maggie Q, and Marie Claire editor-in-chief Anne Fulenwider. After watching the runway show, we find out the winning and losing teams for tonight. The winning team is Team Ballin’ on a Budget. The losing team is Team Tsunami, which means Team Wabi-Sabi is safe on Project Runway 2017. Now for some feedback from them on the collections:

  • Team Ballin’ on a Budget – Heidi said hallelujah. Zac said the print helped hold the collection together. Anne said they did the best job at transforming the materials.
  • Team Tsunami – Heidi said she is looking at some of the pieces and she still sees garbage. Zac said it doesn’t feel transformed. He said they have to take risks and it is baffling to him.


After the critiques, one designer from the winning team will win tonight and one designer from the losing team will be sent home. The judges discussed all the looks and the winner tonight is Ayana and her design will appear in Marie Claire. She also wins immunity for next week’s challenge. The losing look comes from Sentell, which means he has been eliminated tonight. No save from Tim Gunn, so he will be heading home.

What do you think of the results on Project Runway 2017 tonight?

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