Matt Reeves Clarifies His Statement Regarding ‘Batman’ Solo Movie Being Part Of The DCEU

Batman, Ben Affleck

With all kinds of news coming from Warner Bros. and the DC Extended Universe, rumors have been swirling about the solo Batman movie. Not only has there been plenty of talk about whether or not Ben Affleck would continue to portray the Caped Crusader, but there have also been questions about whether or not the solo film would be a part of the DCEU and its continuity, based on comments that were made by director Matt Reeves. While the continued rumors about Affleck’s involvement cast doubt on the actor’s future with the DCEU, it appears that at least one rumor can be laid to rest. It would seem that the rumors about the Batman movie not being a part of the DCEU are unfounded, and that the director’s own statement was simply misunderstood.

In a series of tweets that Reeves posted on August 24 to his Twitter account, the director clarified his previous statement in which he said that when he was approached to direct the Batman movie, it would be a “standalone” and not part of the “extended universe,” according to Cinema Blend. On Twitter, the director started out by jokingly asking what he had missed over the last few days or so. He then point blank states that “Batman will be Batman,” and a part of the overall DCEU.

Matt Reeves follows up his clarification tweet by going back to his original comment which started the rumor, and explaining that when he said that the solo Batman movie would not be a part of the DCEU, what he meant was that the movie would in fact be specifically about the character. Rather than having a solo movie that really included other characters from the Justice League, the Batman movie is going to be all about the Caped Crusader. Reeves said that his film will not be “filled with cameos servicing other stories.”

Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Superman, Batman, Aquaman

As Cinema Blend reported in their follow-up story about the director’s comments, this means that the solo movie will be very similar to Wonder Woman, and will be about its titular hero and not the other characters that populate the DCEU. Much like Wonder Woman was able to exist within the DCEU, but kept itself apart from the greater universe, it seems that Matt Reeves is hoping to do the exact same thing with the solo Batman movie.

This means that fans should not expect to see other members of the Justice League show up in the Batman movie to lend the hero a hand when it comes to saving the day. However, while the idea of the solo movie not being a part of the DCEU has now been dealt with, the fate of Ben Affleck as Batman still remains murky. At Comic-Con, Affleck made it clear that he will be a part of the DCEU as long as the studio wants him. Since then, there have been plenty of conflicting reports which have once more cast doubt on the actor’s future involvement.

For now, fans will be able to see Ben Affleck as Batman when he joins forces with the rest of the members of the Justice League in their highly anticipated team-up. Justice League is set to premiere in theaters on November 17, leaving plenty of time for more news from the DCEU.

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