Joy-Anna Duggar Bombarded With Pregnancy Questions, Fans Think Austin Forsyth Is Controlling On Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar has been married to Austin Forsyth for just over two months, and it looks like they already are shaping up to be the next stars on Counting On! The newlyweds were featured In the promotional pictures for the TLC’s new season. The fans of the show took this opportunity to ask whether she is pregnant yet and to reveal their opinions about her relationship with Austin Forsyth.

Nineteen-year-old Joy-Anna was the youngest Duggar daughter to get married. Her wedding date was originally set for this October on her 20th birthday, but the tying of the knot was expedited for unknown reasons. They got married in June and were back from their honeymoon in July.

The last few weeks have been a blur for the new Duggar couple. Not only did they travel to Switzerland and Israel to celebrate their union, but they also have been attending Bible conferences and Republican conventions. It looks like they want to be involved not just in their community, but also the country they live in.

But the big question on every Counting On fan’s mind was, is Joy pregnant with her first baby yet?

When TLC revealed the new promotional images for the upcoming season, the fans saw that Joy-Anna and Austin received the honor of being the profile image for the show’s Facebook page.

Some of the fans started spreading rumors concerning her potential motherhood by saying, “Jim Bob mentioned it on a new segment that Joy Anna is expecting.”

“Maybe she is pregnant!” Maureen Doherty wrote in the comment section. “Then there definitely [will] be more episodes!”

It is true that the next season of Counting On will have many updates from the Duggar couples. During the previous season, Jill and Jessa both gave birth to their second baby boys, Joy-Anna and Austin got married, and Joseph and Kendra got engaged. There has been no baby news from Jinger and Jeremy, who are busy traveling all over the country in search of good ministry teachings.

While some fans are curious about whether pregnancy is the next step for Joy, others are noticing that her husband may be a little too “controlling.”

“Let her have her own Instagram,” a fan commented on a picture in their shared Instagram. “If there’s no trust then you shouldn’t be married! Also why does she have to wear skirts?? She has said she doesn’t like them but you do. Don’t be controlling.”

Her sister, Jinger Duggar, has started wearing pants a lot more frequently after getting married to Jeremy Vuolo.

Who do you think will get pregnant first? Joy-Anna or Jinger? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Instagram]