Oklahoma Man, Robert Jackson Jones, Jr., Reportedly Admits To Beating Baby, Throwing Him Into Ceiling Fan

An Oklahoma man is behind bars today after allegedly admitting to abusing his 1-month-old son over the course of several days. Authorities claim that 24-year-old Robert Jackson Jones, Jr. caused critical injuries to the baby by shaking, smothering, and choking him — even slamming him into a ceiling fan.

Jones reportedly confessed to the horrific child abuse after he and the child’s mother took the baby to a Muskogee, Oklahoma, hospital earlier this month. After doctors determined that the 1-month-old infant’s injuries were extensive and non-accidental, they began to investigate the situation, eventually getting a confession out of Robert Jackson Jones, Jr.

The 1-month-old baby was reportedly having seizures when he was taken to the hospital for treatment. After examining the infant, medical professionals discovered that he was suffering from multiple skull fractures and had blood pooling around his brain, reports Tulsa World. An affidavit obtained by the publication also claims that the infant suffered visible bruising to his left eye and “fingerprint bruises” on either side of his throat.

According to investigators, Robert Jackson Jones, Jr. admitted to grabbing the 1-month-old by his throat and shaking him. Next, Jones allegedly smothered the baby in an attempt to silence his cries, hurled him against a changing table, and threw him into a ceiling fan.


Investigators say that after Jones threw his baby into the ceiling fan, he also dropped his 1-month-old infant son in the bathroom. According to Jones, the baby hit his head against the toilet and began suffering seizures, which is when the 1-month-old was finally taken to the hospital for medical care.

The abuse of the baby allegedly took place over a period of days, from August 16 to August 19. Robert Jackson Jones, Jr. and the child’s mother, who was reportedly at work during the abuse of her newborn son, didn’t seek medical care for the battered baby until August 20.


After being evaluated at a local hospital, Muskogee Police Department investigator James Poffel says that the baby’s condition was so severe that he had to be transported to a larger facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“These injuries are considered to be non-accidental injures. And due to (the infant’s) declining medical condition, he was transported to Saint Francis Tulsa.”

An Oklahoma father has admitted to throwing his one-month-old baby into a ceiling fan because the child wouldn't stop crying.
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The 1-month-old remains hospitalized with critical injuries. While he was being interrogated by police, Jones reportedly confessed that he viciously attacked his son on multiple occasions, even going so far as to throw him into a ceiling fan, because the baby would not stop crying.

The Oklahoma father has been charged with six counts of child abuse by injury and is being held on $1 million bail at the Muskogee County Jail.

Robert Jackson Jones, Jr. is expected to make his first court appearance on September 5.

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