Bride And Groom Arrested On Wedding Night After Bar Brawl

A Canadian couple was arrested on their wedding night after a post-nuptials brawl erupted at a bar.

The incident occurred Saturday night at the Denizen Hall bar in downtown Edmonton, Alberta, at about 10 p.m.

It’s unclear what prompted the altercation that allegedly occurred between the wedding party of about 10 persons and the nightclub’s bouncers and spilled out onto the sidewalk.

According to a witness, the bride was in in the middle of the melee.

“I couldn’t tell what was going on except you see a bunch of people in tuxedos piled up. I could see security staff all over the place and there’s this bride in the middle of it, swinging and jumping on people,” another witness, Ryan Bychowski similarly told Inside Edition. Bychowski, who was at the bar with friends, shared some images of the encounter on Twitter.

Matt Machado, Bychowski’s friend, claimed that the wedding party was inside the tavern for less than a half hour before the bartender stopped serving them drinks, and security staff asked the group to exit the premises, Inside Edition added. That’s when things began resembling a barroom brawl from the Old West, he implied.

When cops arrived, they charged the bride, 36, with assault and the groom, 37, with mischief, CBC News reported. Fortunately, there was only one minor injury in the wedding night scuffle. Authorities released the couple on a promise to appear in court.


Earlier this month, in a separate wedding day that turned out less-than blissful, police in suburban Nashville arrested a newly married bride after she allegedly pulled a gun from her wedding dress, pointed the weapon at her husband’s head, and pulled the trigger. Evidently, the handgun was unloaded, but the newlywed then put a bullet in the 9mm pistol and fired a round into the air, a witness claimed. The shot caused bystanders to flee the area.

Canadian couple charged after bar brawl in Edmonton, Alberta
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Just a few hours after their marriage ceremony, the couple got into an argument outside a local motel, which led to the dispute escalating into alleged gunplay. Apparently, the couple had been drinking before or during the quarrel and were uncooperative with cops who subsequently arrived at the scene to investigate. Authorities charged the bride with aggravated domestic assault. Commenting on the arrest, a police official noted, “Responding officers let the husband know the honeymoon was over and his new wife was going to jail.”

Watch a report from Inside Edition about the arrest of the bride and groom on their wedding night in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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