Abby Lee Miller Complains About Prison: ‘Dance Moms’ Star Mourns Lack Of Private Room, Bad Food

Abby Lee Miller is not happy about the way she’s being treated in prison. The Dance Moms star expected a private room and gourmet food and got neither.

As Radar Online reports, an anonymous source tells the magazine that Abby Lee went into prison expecting to be put into a private room and get special meals. She, of course, got neither of those things (nor will she), and the insider says she’s “furious.”

In fact, some celebrities have been given special treatment behind bars, which may explain why Abby Lee expected a chef to prepare her meals for her (no seriously — the source says she actually expected her own chef!). As E! News reported in 2010, former Britney Spears attorney Steven Knowles was abundantly clear that celebrities get “perks” in prison.

“Traditional booking includes a strip search and typically body cavity search, but none of that happens with celebrities.”

What’s more, said Knowles at the time, celebrities are often given their own room, which made things difficult for already-overcrowded California prisons.

However, 2010 was seven years ago, and things appear to have changed since then. Just last year, former inmate Will Smith (and no, not that Will Smith) wrote on prison blog Inmate Survival that celebrities (most of them, anyway) most certainly do not get special treatment in prison.

“People that have celebrity status are not given special treatment, usually.”

Of course, when your celebrity crime is a non-violent one and you’re sent to minimum-security prison, like Martha Stewart before her, your biggest concern isn’t going to be getting victimized by the other inmates. It’s going to be having fans.

“These celebrities maintain their status inside, as people are more likely want to meet them than to beat them up or hurt them.”

For Abby Lee, however, it appears that being beaten up or hurt is on her radar.
She’s hired an in-prison “bodyguard,” paid via deposits to her commissary account, to watch Abby’s back. Specifically, according to the Hollywood Gossip, Abby likes watching the news for references to herself, so she needs some muscle when she changes the channel in the TV room.

What’s more, Abby has already gotten into at least one fight behind bars.

Meanwhile, Abby will soon move into Phase II of her prison experience: serving a 366-day sentence, she’s spent the first few weeks in orientation, kept in a separate suite of cells with other new arrivals. That period will be coming to an end soon, and she’ll be assigned a “permanent” bunk and a job within the facility.

Whether Abby is expecting special treatment with regard to her job assignment remains to be seen.

[Featured Image by Keith Srakocic/AP Images]