Photos Show The Great Movie Ride Being Torn Apart From The Inside At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It has been almost two weeks since the sad closure of the Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and many have wondered what would happen to all the things inside, but now, we know. The long-running attraction had its final day of operation on Aug. 13, 2017, and when it shut down, a lot of people questioned if anything from inside would be salvaged. While a couple of things may be rescued, photos are popping up online to show that most of it is simply being trashed.

Sometime in the future, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will replace the Great Movie Ride, but that opening date is still to be determined. For now, the iconic attraction has been closed down and the outside signage has already been taken down and replaced with “Coming Soon” signs.

As hard as that is for many Disney fans, the images appearing online lately are making things even harder. While there is a lot of construction going on at DHS due to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land, Blog Mickey also took note of the deconstruction of the Great Movie Ride.

Don’t freak out as the outside facade is still intended to stay in place, but the inside is undergoing a lot of changes already.

The image above shows work crews taking out parts of the inside of the Great Movie Ride, and while it may seem like junk, hardcore fans will find it hard to look at. It’s especially difficult to take when you realize that the pieces being gutted out are from the Alien segment of the attraction.

photos great movie ride disney's hollywood studios demolish gutted mickey minnie
[Image by Danny Cox]

Over the years, a lot of people have wondered what Disney does with the sets and audio-animatronics in the attractions that end up being shut down. Some of them are saved and put in storage for nostalgia sake and even make random appearances at special events and functions.

Some items may be sold off to collectors or for charity, but only in small amounts. Disney doesn’t want anyone being able to recreate their attractions by getting all of the pieces together.


The majority of everything inside a “lost” attraction, though, ends up being demolished and destroyed. There simply is no way to hold onto everything and keep it confined and pristine when it will likely never be used again, and that is what can be said for the gangster car from the Great Movie Ride.

In order for there to be progress, change is going to have to happen and many people realize that. A lot of Disney fans know this and they understand some great things are to come at Walt Disney World, but it doesn’t make the loss of this attraction any easier to take.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going to be a completely different park in a few years, and that really isn’t a bad thing. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and Toy Story Land will bring about great and exciting new things, but it’s hard to watch the memories fade away. The photos of the Great Movie Ride being torn apart and gutted from the inside makes it just that much more difficult.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]