Kelly Dodd Says Heather Dubrow Was Fake With Shannon And Tamra, Vows To Stay On ‘RHOC’ With Vicki

By the end of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11, a line was clearly drawn between two teams. One team consisted of Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, and Heather Dubrow, while on the other side, Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd stuck by one another, leaving Meghan King Edmonds stuck in the middle.

The trip to Ireland only intensified the drama between the two teams, as it was during the bus ride back to the airport that Kelly let slip that Vicki told her that Shannon’s husband, David Beador, “beats the s**t” out of her and that there were rumors regarding Tamra’s husband, Eddie Judge, cheating on her and actually being gay. Kelly also yelled out some personal insults, including that Shannon should shave off her chin hairs.

During the verbal melee, Heather, disgusted at how Kelly was behaving and treating Shannon and Tamra, gave her opinion that Kelly was “trash” and “damaged.” Heather consoled Tamra and Shannon and seemed so protective over them that once they got to the airport, she advised them to avoid Kelly at all costs. On the Season 11 finale episode, Heather joined Shannon in celebrating Tamra’s muscle show win and even got Tamra a doughnut tower.

Yet, according to Kelly, Heather, despite seeming so close to Tamra and Shannon on the show, was never really friends with them. In a joint interview with Vicki for Splash, posted on Tuesday, Kelly outright said that Heather’s friendship with Tamra was fake. Kelly also implied that Heather’s friendship with Shannon was fake as well. She claimed that out of the entire cast, she’s the one who actually now sees Heather the most.

Asked whether they keep in touch with Heather, who announced her departure from the show in January, both Kelly and Vicki said that they don’t talk to her. Kelly added that she actually sees Heather the most because she runs into her at the gym all the time.

“No [ I don’t talk to Heather]! I run into her more than anyone. I run into her at Orange Theory all the time.”

When asked if Tamra is still friends with Heather, Kelly said that they had “a fake friendship.”

“They were never … that was a fake friendship.”

Interestingly enough, Kelly Dodd also said that her return for The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 was because of Heather Dubrow’s departure. Asked why she decided to return despite having a hard first season, Kelly said that she returned because Heather left, adding that being on the show has a lot of benefits. Kelly did not clarify whether she meant that she made the decision to return once she knew that Heather was out or whether the show’s producers gave her a spot on the cast again in order to fill Heather’s position.

“Because Heather Dubrow left. And why not? There’s a lot of upsides and opportunities. Like what we’re going to do right now: We get to go to Coldplay, I get to meet certain people. It opens doors, so why not?”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after Heather announced her departure from the show, Kelly claimed that Heather left because the show’s producers would only give her a part-time role.

During Shannon Beador’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show, Watch What Happens Live, earlier in the month, Shannon admitted that she and Tamra Judge are no longer in touch with Heather.

“I have not seen the inside of her house yet. I was invited to a Christmas party, but I couldn’t go. And then Tamra and I were invited to a Super Bowl party. We were told to save the date, but then we never got the details.”

Shannon even confirmed that Heather unfollowed her on social media.

“I mean, it’s fine. I miss her on the show. She was a lot of fun to have on the show.”

While Heather Dubrow may have made the decision to leave The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson vowed that she will stay on the show for as long as she’s allowed to.

“As long as Bravo wants me, I’m on. I don’t say every year, ‘Am I going to come back?’ I’m coming back. I will be on as long as the viewers and Bravo love me and respect me. My life is never going to be ending until I’m dead. Every year there’s going to be a new experience, a new journey. It’s not a decision. I’m on until I’m not.”

Kelly Dodd also agreed that she’s staying on the show for as long as she can. “Same thing,” she said when asked about making the decision to stay on the show.

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