Develop games like it’s 1990: make your own SNES game for $120

Ah, the Super Nintendo. Home to some of the greatest games known to mankind. Super Metroid. Zelda: A Link to the Past. Super Castlevania IV. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. And now, Whatever Crap You Can Dream Up.

The device you see above is the Quickdev 16, a Windows, Mac, and Linux-compatible SNES developer’s cartridge that will let you make your very own SNES game. Awesome.

Priced at $120, it ships with a bunch of vital components I’ve no idea about, including an “Atmel AVR ATmega644 with boot loader, USB connection for placing your code on the cart, 16 megabits of SRAM, and an RS232 converter for a debugging terminal.” That’s all you need to make the next Chrono Trigger. Apparently.

Of course, there is one further obstacle to overcome. As the previous paragraph illustrates, you’ll also require a crapton of knowledge about developing SNES games. If you are brainy enough to handle that, then put your name down for one here and give me a ring when you’ve finished Star Fox 3.

[Via Hack-A-Day]