Mark Ballas Returns To ‘DWTS,’ Explains What Made Him Come Back

This morning on Good Morning America, they made a big announcement about which pros would be coming back to Dancing with the Stars. People shared the news about Mark Ballas returning, and he is speaking out about what made him decide to come back after taking two seasons off.

Mark has been gone for two seasons, but he has been busy working on Broadway in the musical Jersey Boys. Mark also got married and even worked on his own music. Now, he is excited to be back on DWTS once again. Mark is opening up about why he is coming back, and one big reason is that he loved how creative he is able to be on the show by choreographing the dances. He enjoyed being on Broadway but says it is the same thing every night and someone else’s material. Mark really likes making up the dances himself.

Ballas went on to say that the timing just really worked out for him. It sounds like things in his life have finally calmed down, so why not throw Dancing with the Stars back into the mix? Mark started on the show during Season 6, and he says that it has changed a lot since then. Mark loves that they let the pros have more freedom now and come up with their own ideas.

Mark admits that the first season he took off, he didn’t even watch the show. He just wanted a break from it all. However, he watched last season to cheer on his close friend Emma Slater, and he feels he will do better now that he has seen it from both ways. So far, it has not been confirmed who Mark Ballas will have as a partner, but fans hope he gets someone great so he will stick around for a long time this season.

Mark explained who he wants as a partner.

“It’s a mixture of things. Dancing is not the be all and end all. People can come on with dance experience and fans freak out saying, ‘That’s not fair!’ But dance ability has nothing to do with who is going to win. It’s about having a connection and a willingness to learn. If you have a partner who really knows what they’re getting themselves in for and are willing to listen and work hard — and most importantly a trust between you — then all you need is a little spark of skill or natural talent and you’re going to go far. If you’re lucky enough to tick all the boxes, that’s when there’s a match made in heaven.”

Everyone also noticed that Sasha Farber isn’t back this season, but nobody knows the reason just yet. The fans are going to miss seeing him dancing this season.

Are you excited to hear that Mark Ballas is back again on Dancing with the Stars? Do you feel he has a chance to win it all? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss DWTS when it returns on September 18 to ABC.

[Featured Image by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images]