‘Little People, Big World’ Viewers Love The ‘New Matt Roloff’ Since Divorce From Amy, ‘Changed For The Better’

Little People, Big World viewers apparently love the “new Matt Roloff,” and often comment that he’s “changed for the better” since his divorce from Amy. Matt and Amy Roloff were married for the first several seasons of their TLC reality TV series, but viewers often got to witness the couple’s many squabbles and disagreements on the small screen. Tensions sometimes did seem high between Matt and Amy on TV, and the last season finale episode before the couple took a nearly three-year hiatus from filming regular seasons of Little People, Big World showed them considering selling the large Roloff family farm in Portland. Even during Matt and Amy’s 25th wedding anniversary episode, they were at odds, so it was really no surprise to Little People, Big World viewers when they announced they were separating less than two years later.

An episode of Little People, Big World titled “Crossroads for the Roloffs” in December of 2013 actually showed Matt and Amy questioning whether they still had a future together after 25 years of marriage, and the next episode after that showed Matt moving out of the main house but remaining on Roloff Farms. Matt and Amy Roloff officially announced they were divorcing in June of 2015, and their divorce was finalized less than one year later in May of 2016, according to CNN. While longtime viewers of Little People, Big World were disheartened to see Matt and Amy divorce, the couple was obviously unhappy as a married couple, especially as the series progressed over the last decade.

As quoted by an article on SheKnows, “Seeing a couple’s 27-year relationship fall apart in front of my eyes was anything but fun, and their constant fighting and bickering was a sure sign that things weren’t going to end well for them.”


Matt’s many large projects, “careless ways,” and catastrophes on the Roloff family farm were often blamed for the couple finally ending their marriage after nearly 30 years together and four children. Amy’s frustrations with Matt and the couple’s deteriorating relationship on Little People, Big World often left the couple looking angry and unhappy before their divorce, with Matt even going through a mid-life crisis in one episode. But loyal Little People, Big World viewers have recently noticed that Matt “has changed for the better” since divorcing Amy — both onscreen and offscreen. Recent episodes of Little People, Big World show Matt in a happier place with his kids’ weddings, his new dating life, and his new life as a grandpa. Matt Roloff has also been more active on social media, especially his personal Facebook account, where he often shares updates on Roloff Farms and photos of his first grandbaby, Jackson Kyle.

Viewers of Little People, Big World say that Matt Roloff, 55, has been showing a “nicer,” “sweeter,” and “kinder” side since divorcing Amy, and Matt has even been interacting with his hundreds of thousands of Facebook followers. Recently, Matt shared a photo of his solar eclipse viewing party with girlfriend Caryn Chandler, a few other friends, and his dog Lucy. Several times in last Monday’s post, Matt replied back to comments, and his Facebook followers took notice of how happy he looked at his own viewing party, while Amy, 52, had a viewing party on “her own side of the yard” with her own friends, the couple’s children, and current boyfriend Chris Marek. The Inquisitr previously reported that Matt did not have “any of his children or baby Jackson” at his viewing party, but Matt’s Facebook followers noted that Amy “has an issue with his girlfriend.”

Fans of Little People, Big World did ask for Matt to keep posting pics of “you and Jackson.” The first Roloff grandbaby was absent from both Matt and Amy’s viewing party pics, but a video on YouTube shows baby Jackson watching the eclipse with dad Zach Roloff and Chris Marek. One comment on Matt’s Facebook post from Monday says that the “next big event on the farm is grandbaby number two!” Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are due to welcome baby girl Roloff into the world on August 31, and another comment said that Matt now has grandbabies “to make his day” and a girlfriend to make him happy. In Touch Weekly reported back in June that Amy Roloff “filed for divorce from her husband,” but both Matt and Amy promised to “remain cordial” for their children and their business. A comment from one of Matt’s Facebook followers says that while “Matt is the one who did not want” to get divorced, he is in a “much better position” now — “happy and smiling.”

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]