Eric Dane Only Watched ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Three Times When He Played Mark ‘McSteamy’ Sloan

While millions watched Eric Dane on Grey’s Anatomy where he played Mark Sloan (aka “McSteamy”), the actor says he barely watched any episodes of the hit ABC show. Dane explains that he remembered the experience when it happened, so he didn’t feel like he needed to watch it on television. However, Dane also says that doesn’t mean he didn’t have fun and love many of the people on the Grey’s Anatomy set. And then there’s all that came with the nickname “McSteamy.”

After Eric Dane’s character Mark Sloan was killed off on Grey’s Anatomy, he moved on to his current show, The Last Ship. Dane has gone public about his struggles with depression that caused him to take some time off of the TNT series.

“I took some time off, I was dealing with some depression, which was kind of odd to me. I felt very conflicted about it because I didn’t really feel like I had anything to be depressed about.”

Eric Dane says he realized he needed to take a step back and seek help.

“You’ve got to listen to your body. It’s a very serious thing, and like I said, I felt very conflicted because I couldn’t figure out what I was depressed about.”

Although Eric Dane was not in the original cast of Grey’s Anatomy, he was added as the character of Mark Sloan to balance out Patrick Dempsey’s “McDreamy.” However, Dane said he maybe caught three episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

“I watched three episodes of the show while I was on it. After all. I was there when it happened, so I didn’t need to see it.”

Eric Dane says he fondly remembers his days as Mark Sloan and keeps in touch with Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers. Dane will always remember the opportunity given to him by Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes.

“Shonda’s great. I’m still friends with her to this day. One thing that you do with Shonda is that you don’t deviate. That’s one of the biggest lessons you learn is that you stick to the script.”

One of the things that remain from Dane’s Grey’s Anatomy days is people calling him McSteamy everywhere he goes. Dane says he doesn’t mind.

“I’ve been called a lot worse. It never did anything bad for me that nickname. So, I don’t mind it… It’s not what I’m doing now, so it does get a little tiring. But it’s not something that really upsets me.”

Believe it or not, Eric Dane has been gone from Grey’s Anatomy and his role of Marc Sloan for five years. McSteamy was killed off at the beginning of Season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy after a horrific plane crash. While Mark Sloan is dead, his character’s name lives on in the renamed hospital Grey-Sloan Memorial.


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Eric Dane says that Grey’s Anatomy was the ultimate ensemble cast, and it was never about just one actor. Dane says it was an unforgettable role that put him on the map.

Grey’s Anatomy is a world… it’s not about any one individual actor and the storylines were sort of… you know, heading in different directions. So it was an opportunity for me to go and I was interested in something different. I loved doing Grey’s Anatomy. I would have done it until the final episode, but this was something I couldn’t pass up.”

While Eric Dane’s Mark Sloan rests in peace, Eric Dane has moved on to make his mark on new roles post-Grey’s Anatomy.

Did you love Eric Dane as Mark Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy? Did you like McDreamy or McSteamy?

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