WWE Rumors: Big Plans For Tag Team On ‘SmackDown Live’ Ahead As They Could Make History

The WWE tag team division could be seeing a major development based on recent WWE rumors and this past weekend’s pay-per-view. As of right now, the SmackDown Live tag division has seemed to be somewhat lacking. Currently, The Usos and New Day seem to be the ones who will carry the division. There are a handful of other teams including The Hype Bros., The Ascension, and Breezeango, but none of them seem to be doing a whole lot. However, the recent feud between New Day and Usos has been one of the best in recent times, and one of those teams appears to have some major plans in the works.

At SummerSlam 2017, fans were shocked by a number of championships changing hands. One of those title changes saw The Usos defeat The New Day for the SmackDown Live tag team titles. The win was part of a highly-praised matchup that took place on the pre-show. As of that match, New Day’s latest reign as champions had lasted for just 28 days, which seems short for a team that previously carried the tag team titles over on Raw for a historic reign. The good news for them and their fans is that it appears that New Day is in store for some more history making as they move forward.

WWE has big plans for New Day on Smackown
The New Day dropped the tag team titles at SummerSlam, but possibly for a bigger reason. [Image by WWE]

Just recently, The 434 reported on comments from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Meltzer indicated that WWE has big plans for New Day. Part of those plans is to make them have the most tag team title reigns in the history of the company. Meltzer said that WWE’s backstage officials are serious about having New Day tie or break the historic number of reigns currently held by two other teams: The Hardy Boyz and the team of Edge and Christian. Each of these duos has held the championship belts seven times.

In addition to that, it seems WWE officials may want New Day to have these SmackDown Live tag team belts for the longest reign in the history of the belts. Right now, The Usos have that distinction with a reign of 124 days during their first reign as the tag champions. The Usos also hold the small record for most reigns at two, but it won’t be surprising to see New Day soon tie that record. New Day currently holds the record for longest tag team reign in the history of WWE at 483 days.

What makes things interesting here is that WWE could be bringing a rather dominant force of a tag team up to the main roster from NXT in the near future. Just recently, Bobby Roode debuted on SmackDown Live after losing the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III. The Authors of Pain also lost the NXT tag team titles during that same event and had been rumored for a main roster call-up. One has to wonder if they will appear on the red or blue brand when they finally do.

WWE Authors of Pain lost NXT tag titles
Will WWE bring NXT's Authors of Pain to SmackDown Live for a feud with New Day? [Image by WWE]

With that said, it seems WWE is quite high on New Day as their greatest tag team of all time. It could be to distance themselves from the legendary WWF tag team Demolition. It could also be related to the same reason that John Cena and Roman Reigns continue to get pushes and high profile matches. As long as they have a popular superstar or group of superstars who have merchandise flying off the shelves, there’s no reason to break that up or keep it down.

When and if a heel turn comes from within New Day, it’s going to be interesting to see who it is and how that all goes forward. For now, it appears the trio is set to make some major history as they move forward on SmackDown Live.

Correction: The record for tag team championship reigns within WWE is held by The Dudleys at nine total reigns. Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boys each have seven reigns.

[Featured Image by WWE]